Friday, December 7, 2007

Radio City Music Hall

Sorry this got loaded before I rotated, turn your head it's worth a look.
thi night we went to Radio City Music Hall, we walked around the block , Rockerfella Center
They were just cleaning the ice so people could skate, notice the big tree in the right had corner.
Here we are with all the couple missionaries watching the Rockettes, Doug is taking the picture.
This picture was taken clear across the skating rink from the tree. It's worth the turn to take a look.

What an adventure today. We went into the city to meet with a Broker about the Housing assignment we were given. One must be very alert and observant or one is found going across the wrong bridge to Long Island instead of Manhattan. This can become expensive as well because of the $4.50 toll each way across the bridge. It can also put you 30-45 minutes behind schedule depending upon the traffic. Needless to say live and learn.

All the senior couples went to Radio City Music Hall to watch the Rockettes. WoW!!! There are two senior couples leaving for home this month, and this was a going away party as well as our Christmas get together. It was almost as fun walking around Rockafeller Square with all the Christmas lights and people as it was watching the program. We had our first experience on the Subway. Not as bad as I was expecting. It was a grand adventure that we will attempt again before Christmas is over.

The Housing assignment has forced us to learn Manhattan a little. The prices are out rages. We are tying up a two bedroom one bath apartment for $2100.00 a month. It is probably about 800 square feet. And this is cheap because it is further north by Harlem. Just to get into the apartment will be around $6,500. It will house 4 sister missionaries. Brax, aren't you glad you live in St. George.

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Carly said...

Beth, Hi. This is Carly Killpack, Cari's friend. I love reading your blog! It makes me miss living in New York! Reading about your adventures brings back memories:) I know you are busy, but I would love to email you about some of our favorite places
Thank you for being such a good example to all of us!