Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Vacation swim day

Maesi & McKell

KC, Austin & Easton
Allee going down the slide

We went swimming at the Washington City rec. center. They have a really fun indoor kid pool. The kids had a ball, everyone except Trey, the climbing toy in the center of the pool has a huge bucket that holds about 100 gallons that fills coninually and then tips over and splashes out all over the kids. Scared him to death. Cari had to take him home and Dusty came to stay with Tryston.

Christmas 2009

Our Christmas eve was pretty quiet. Doug & I went over to his sister Paulines house for dinner with Brax and his parents. It was fun to be with Pauline & Scott and two of their kids. They are awaiting a phone call from Erin saying she is in labor. She lives in California and is due New Years Eve. (Side note: she had her little girl on the 28th, yesterday. They are both doing fine) We then came home and Dusty and Cari came over and we played Cansasta with them.

Christmas morning we watched Brandon's family open their Christmas and then headed downstairs to start Christmas Brunch. All the gang comes over for brunch. We have the whole works, omlets, biscuts and sausage gravy, crepes, sticky buns, bacon & ham and juice and hot chocolate. Fun caos and excitement was the name of the game. We love it!

It was a strange day as we didn't open our Christmas until that evening. After the kids all left we took a 2 hour nap and then went over to Brandee & Kevins to see what their kids got and then over to Doug's parents for a visit.

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Keaton & Sidney take the plunge - congrats!

Even the big boys had a fun time.
All the kids found a little spot that looks like a stage for a band when there is an outdoors reception and had a fun time dancing to their own music.

We enjoyed a fun afternoon at Doug's nephew's wedding , Keaton Bale & Sidney Staheli. Keaton is Doug's sister Paulines youngest son. The kids had a fun time at the place outside on the grounds. It was so beautiful, the place and the day.

Let's make Gingerbread houses - yeah!

We had all the kids over with their mom's to make "Gingerbread" houses. We started this tradition at Christmas time before we left to go on our mission. The grandkids have so much fun. When we all gather together it is funnnn caos. We had some really cool looking houses this year. Great job kids.
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Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Flu Sucks!!!!!

The achy, stuffed nose, head ache, cough, chills & fever, sore throat, lay in bed for days kind of flu? It SUCKS!!!! and that's all I have to say about that!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tuacan Nativity Family Nite

The pictures are small but the experience huge. Kell was and angel, Brandon the soldier at the gate and Dusty the soldier riding the horse. Brandee and Malea were Inn Keepers, while Easton & KC were shephards. Doug had a handle on all the little ones who were towns people with him.
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Tuacan Live NATIVITY

Our family was blessed with the opportunity to participate in the live Nativity at Tuacan out amphitheatre. We had 2 shephards, 1 angel, 2 Roman Sholdiers, 2 Inn Keepers and 6 towns people. We all had a ball and hope we get to do it next year and make it a family Christmas tradition.
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Sunday, December 6, 2009

KC is 8 and just Baptized!!!! Awesome Bud!!!

KC KEVIN CLINTIN WILLIAMS is 8 and baptized by his dad Kevin. he is our first grandchild to be baptized. And now the next generation begins.
KC asked Pompa to confirm him and me to give the talk on the Holy Ghost. There were 4 kids in our stake getting baptized. 1 girl and 3 boys. KC was given the assignment of having someone from his family give a talk on the Holy ghost. It was so fun to be part of his baptism. Thanks KC for this opportunity.
KC is the oldest son of our only girl Brandee and her husband Kevin. His cute and darling sisters are Mataylee (Tay Tay), McKell (kell) and Allee.
Group picture of the family that came to the baptism.

Harley Ride with the M.O.B (mormons on bikes)

We went on a ride to Lake Havasu AZ. Here we are at the little town of Oatman AZ. A ghost town that caters to tourists.
Dinner just across "London Bridge" in Lake Havasu. Left to right: Wes & Rebecca Jensen, Holly & Brent Keenan, Rex Davis, Doug & me, Ronnilee & Kent Black. Our neighborhood ridin buddies.
Here we went on a date night ride to the "Pizza Noodle" in Zions Park at Springdale. We went with: Davis's, Keenan's, Peter's, Black's, Allen's, Jensen's and the Luke's. Almost the whole gang.

HaPPy BirTHday to our sweet CARI

We hope you had an awesome day, yesterday the 5th of Dec! I'm sure the day at the spa was glorious. She had the full works. Lucky girl! We love you so much and are so happy you are a part of our family. Cari is the beautiful wife of our son Dusty. She is just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.

Earning extra money

The family has a wood cutting project. Doug put an add in the paper. We will cut, split and deliver a cord of wood. It has been a family affair. I have been up twice, once with Doug and Brandon and then again with Doug, Dusty & Tryston. Once arriving home we have had the help from KC, Easton, Brax to deliver to those who ordered the wood.
We can cut down, trim out the trees, cut them in rounds then split and load 2 cord of wood all in about 4 hours. It has come in handy for a little extra money for bills & Christmas

Clint's 24th b-day

We enjoyed the weekend up to SLC. Went to Grantsville with Bobby & Mindy, Jr & Lorri, John & Tracy to the Bar J Wranglers show for JR's birthday. And then the next day we went to the new Draper Temple.
We all went to the cemetary to decorate and clean Clints gravesite on his birthday on the 9th of November.

Corn Maze Family Night

The kids enjoyed the petty zoo, the redneck trampoline, the train ride, the pumpkin patch and the hay ride.

October B-days

Tryston Douglas Ellett
KC - Kevin Clintin Williams
Tryston invited Allee and Maesi to go to the movies, Toy story 1 & 2, They all dressed in a character
KC wanted to go to the Pirate Place for his birthday lunch after soccer games on that Sat.

Random Hunting pictures

Hunting up to Fishlake, Dusty & Doug
Me and Tryston
Doug and his deer he got up on Cedar Mtn
Brandee and KC, Cedar Mt
Cari, Tryston, Trey on Fishlake mtn
Showing off the product of the hunts, Dusty, Brax, Doug

KC, the newest Bobcat in cub scouts

Brandon is KC's wolf leader. Here he is helping him with his neckerchief and giving him his wolf book. Another generation of scouters begins.