Friday, September 28, 2007

We love our new sister!

Allee bug, McKell and KC are so excited to have a new little baby sister. They kept fighting over who gets to hold her next and NOW. Me turn!!!!!

We are so excited

I Have arrived!! I am the 8th grandbaby.

Brandee and Kevin's new little addition arrived Thursday, September 27th at 4:09 pm. She is 7 pounds 12 ounces and is 20 1/2 inches long. She has dark hair and is the sweetest little thing ever. At this time she is called "baby girl". Brandee is such a trooper. She had the baby natural except for a little joy juice they put in her IV. Congratulations, she is so precious!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

For Sale - Home away from Home

We are selling our trailer cause we can't take it with us on our mission and no where to store it. It has two slide outs, couch, table area and bedroom area. That makes it really roomy inside.
There is a 5000 watt Honda generator with the rack on the back of the trailer, inside is a remote start button. I love this feature! The outside is fiberglass and has a outside shower and can pump water into the unit from an outside source.

The kitchen area is huge, lots of storage and counter space. Full size frig/freezer, microwave, the table and couch make into sleeping areas. The bedroom has a double mirror closet door, outside entrance, drawers under the closet and on the wall where the door is at along with counter space and over head cupboards and tv nook. The bathroom is a pass thru from the living area.
The TV/DVD player comes with the deal, more storage above the couch and table as well. The recliner comes with the deal too.

We love our trailer, but we can't take it with us on our mission, and have no where to store it, so we are selling it. If you know of any one who might be interested tell them about it. It would be perfect for snow birds wanting a place down here for the winter.
It is a 2006 Starwood, 32 feet long, has a big shower in the bathroom and a closet with washer/dryer hook ups. There is a 6 tier stainless steel shelve unit there now. This trailer has tons of storage and is very spacious.

Friday, September 21, 2007

"Dress up" and playing "Bows and arrows"

Boy time!
Hunting continues as all the boys but Kevin are off on their way to Idaho bow hunting Elk. This will be the first time all the boys are together for the Idaho hunt. They do have their tags! They are like little kids at christmas. Dressing up, all decked out in their camo, got their toys and bikes to go play with other boys up in the woods. Hope you all have a extra-fun awesome time together. Hope Clint can come play with them. Lead them to the big "one".

Kevin is staying behind to welcome his new little girl to the world. He is still hopeful a boy will pop out and surprise everyone. Brandee finally has her date set for the 27th of September. She is ready, ready, ready. Of course she is still walking with me and actually ran up the stairs at the stadium today. You go girl

Sunday, September 16, 2007

'Elan Cover Girl??????

We are now in a different "Season" of our life, all that we know is changing, thank Heaven for the blessed gift of memories, may we have the courage and desire to go forward and make new lasting memories.
This little blurb was inside the magazine telling about this new Season of change in our life.
I can't believe that I am posting this blog, but then again, when does one get asked to be on the cover of a magazine? Maybe once in a life time. What an honor to be asked to represent women in general. It was actually pretty fun at the photo shoot. The pictures were taken at Green Gate Village, the same place Brandon and Malea had their family wedding pictures taken. The Founder and Editor in chief of the Magazine, Darcy, lives just around the corner from me and is in my ward. She is a go getter and an amazing lady. This magazine is her newest project and I really enjoy it. It targets women over 40 and of course I am in that catagory, as it is my birthday today and I am really close to 1/2 century old. It has been fun having people recognize me and saying they saw me on the magazine. The crazy thing is that I hadn't even seen the magazine until I went to Mary's Vale the last couple of days. Katie had it sitting on the coffee table at the B&B. She gave me a copy. Cari sent me an email that was on the 'Elan website, and that was the first time I had seen the picture. I was pretty happy with it. Doug says he likes it and that means a lot.

48 years and a couple hours old.

Today was a great day. All the kids came over and the girls cooked and brought dinner over for my birthday. What a wonderful gift , Thanks to everyone, I love you so much. I love Sundays when all the family gathers, the kids get roudy and excited and have so much fun playing together. We engage in great conversation and just relax and enjoy. I will miss this gifted time so much. Hopefully the kids will gather together and we will be able to use our web-cam and visit with them a couple times a month. So we have been told. That will help me make it thru the homesickness of being a way from them all and missing them.

Mary's Vale 4-wheeling fun

We stayed at "Moores Old Pine Inn" Bed and Breakfast at Mary's Vale. If you blink twice you will miss this 7 street light town. This is the perfect get away, Try it you'll love it.
The fall colors up the mountain were spectacular. Give it one more week and they will be even more vibrant. The bright yellows, oranges, and reds against the forest green were breath taking.
I can't wait to see the fall colors take place in New York next fall. That's probably a great time for visiting the missionaries in NYC. Every one is invited.
We had a small group this year, many cancelled at the last moment. Including Mitzi and Jay who caught a terrible flew that kept them in bed. Hope you are feeling better.
One of the many mines we found while touring the mountaine side.

For the past 6 or 7 years we have gone on an annual 4-wheeling adventure with many of the friends from the ward and neighborhood. This year we went to Mary's Vale. A tiny little sleepy town on highway 89, 30 miles south of Richfield. We stay at the "Moore's Old Pine Inn.", one of the oldest running Hotels in the state of Utah. Randy and Katie have turned it into a quaint Bed and Breakfast place. It's adorable. We ride our wheelers during the day exploring and visiting beautiful vistas. The first day we rode up the mountain for a short way and crossed over and came down by a little town, Hoover right next to the "Big rock candy Mtn.", where we enjoyed a nice dinner. The next day we rode to the top of Monroe Mtn and came off the face of the Mtn. The trail was really washed out and a "MAJOR" adventure. Our last day we rode up Boulion canyon and 11,700 feet up the back side of Beaver Mtn. Boulion City is an old Ghost Mining town. We toured the walking museum and enjoyed the nostalgia. We will have to savor the sweetness of the mountains and fresh air, bottle it and take it with us to NYC.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Jayme & Brett Davis's big DAY! "Wedding"

And they were married for Time and all Eternity, Happily-ever-after!
Mitzi and Jay and all their family

After getting home at 1:30 am saturday morning from the concert in Vegas, I was up again at 5:00 am getting packed to go to Ogden for Jayme's wedding. My sister, Mitzi's youngest. She was sealed in the Bountiful temple and the reception was a back yard garden reception at home. It was absolutely stunningly beautiful. The weather was perfect and the atmosphere serene. Mitzi out did herself. The big hit of the party was the "Dip-n-dots" they served with cake, and the fish pond. Mitzi found fish food that looked like froot loops and all the kids had fun feeding the fish. Jayme and Brett took off for a cruise down the Mexican Riviera. Congrats! Jayme and Brett. Be Happy forever.

Girls Night Out!

Friday Night! Las Vegas! Just the girls; Malea, Cari, Brandee and Baby, Beth, Shannon.

Our good friend Kari belongs to Celine Dion's fan club and got us tickets about 6 months ago for friday nights concert. The girls all got baby sitters and away we went. Cari's mom, Shannon, came with us because a certain individual, I will not name, flaked out on us and we called Shannon at the last minute, literally, and she dropped everything and went down with us. We stopped at Burlington coat factory and shopped for a couple of hours after we got there. I got a great dressy rain coat for my mission. We ate at the Cheesecake factory, Yum! in Ceasar's Palace and then went to the concert. It was so awesome. We were on the 4th row. We could see sweat beads on Celine's nose, we were so close. It was very entertaining and the singing was amazing. We had so much fun!!! Thanks so much Kari I. We love you!!!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Softball, it's a family affair

Doug, Brax, Brandon, Ryan and Kason Bale all play for the same team. They had 3 games last night, they are playing in the tournament. They lost the first and won the next two. The second game everyone played awesome. The score: 18-2 Dusty played on the team too until this season. But now he is out with his bad back. They have a lot of fun playing together. We love it. It is great family time. Of course one more thing we are going to miss out on for the next two years.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Labor Day weekend, Family Fun

Tryston and Allee had so much fun together

Scott Bale was the winner at playing pig Doug came in second place
Easton and KC had the most fun, and hit the target almost every time, notice, they don't have sights on their bows.

We love to camp together. This time Scott and Pauline and their family came up to be with us. We had a ball. It was so much fun. Brandon says we need to make this a family tradition - oh - about "7" times a year. So any one who wants to join in on our fun, please do.

It is still the bow hunt, Kevin saw a huge deer but it was running thru the trees and couldn't get a shot off. Dusty ran into a herd of Elk and had fun calling them in. It is a rush. There was a lot of fun practicing shooting their bows while playing pig. Scott Bale was the winner and Doug came in second, with Ryan in third. The older generation still can kick butt. The little kids had a ball and the women watched, visited, and cheered them on, what we do best of course. The mountain was beautiful, it rained a couple of times and made the weather perfect.

Be adventurous, it's okay to turn your head to the side to see the pictures in my post. HA! HA! I am still learning, bare with me.