Sunday, September 16, 2007

48 years and a couple hours old.

Today was a great day. All the kids came over and the girls cooked and brought dinner over for my birthday. What a wonderful gift , Thanks to everyone, I love you so much. I love Sundays when all the family gathers, the kids get roudy and excited and have so much fun playing together. We engage in great conversation and just relax and enjoy. I will miss this gifted time so much. Hopefully the kids will gather together and we will be able to use our web-cam and visit with them a couple times a month. So we have been told. That will help me make it thru the homesickness of being a way from them all and missing them.


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Mitzi said...

This is so Cool!
Happy Happy Birthday Bethie Poo! It makes me homesick for you!
I love you Tons-n-Bunches!