Monday, September 10, 2007

Jayme & Brett Davis's big DAY! "Wedding"

And they were married for Time and all Eternity, Happily-ever-after!
Mitzi and Jay and all their family

After getting home at 1:30 am saturday morning from the concert in Vegas, I was up again at 5:00 am getting packed to go to Ogden for Jayme's wedding. My sister, Mitzi's youngest. She was sealed in the Bountiful temple and the reception was a back yard garden reception at home. It was absolutely stunningly beautiful. The weather was perfect and the atmosphere serene. Mitzi out did herself. The big hit of the party was the "Dip-n-dots" they served with cake, and the fish pond. Mitzi found fish food that looked like froot loops and all the kids had fun feeding the fish. Jayme and Brett took off for a cruise down the Mexican Riviera. Congrats! Jayme and Brett. Be Happy forever.

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