Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Will be continues.

Stay tuned for more Wedding Pictures of Braxtin and Abbie Ellett. Married Sept 9, 2011. I no longer have internet as we are leaving today to head home from our mission. We have served at the Mormon Handcart Historic Sites for the past 6 months. It has been truly amazing. We were able to attend Brax & Abbies wedding. All my posts are really behind. Much more to share but will have to wait until we get home and settled with internet. We are headed home to sign papers on the sale of our home so we will continue to live in our home on wheels, (5th wheel) for a short time. Our future is as bright as we make it. And ours is staring us in the face. Near future.....of course it is hunting season. So can you guess where we will be.

Braxtin's Family

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Abbie's Family

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Brax & Abbie tie the knot for real

I guess when you sign the marraige license it becomes for real among the records of the church and state. For real and for certain.....they are Mr. & Mrs Braxtin Ellett. YaHoo
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Brax & Abbie say "I do"

Brax & Abbie were married September 9th, 2011 at Abbie's family cabin in American Fork Canyon. The view was awesome. Abbie's Aunt's bishop married the kids. He had broken his leg playing basket ball with the priests in his ward. He visited with the two of them the night before and asked each to write down what they admired and love about the other one, as well as their goals. Next year around this time they are planning to be married in the temple, so we will all gather again as they are sealed for time and all eternity.

What a beautiful couple. They are picture perfect. Everything was amazingly beautiful.

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Our Baby "Brax" is quite the "Man"

We are happy to announce the wedding of our youngest son Braxtin. Where has the time gone? It seems just like yesterday that he was our little boy. Now he is the tallest of all boys. A very handsome young man. He and Abbie have been together for 5 1/2 years. This is a big step for them but a very good one. There were married at Abbie's family cabin up American Fork Canyon. So we reserved rooms for all our kids and their family at the Hampton at Thanksgiving Point. Right on the same exit to head up the canyon. Brax stayed with us for two nights before the wedding. We only had to travel half way home to the wedding.

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Celebrating Abbie at "Dear Lizzie"

We were able to sneak home for an exciting weekend Celebrating Brax & Abbie. Congratulations to the "Newly Weds". We arrived just in time for a get together with just the girls at a quaint little place in Highland Utah - "Dear Lizzie". One of Abbie's favorite places to shop. This cute store is also a "Bistro". We enjoyed visiting and delicious sandwich and salad with of course, Abbie's favorite: designer cupcakes. Yummmmmmmm
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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sisterhood and Celestial Friends

Sister Casi Smith (our resident photographer) & Sister Elaine Bagley (our resident Martha Stewart, she can do everything) are serving in the Welcome Center this morning. Can't sit still, always working on a project. Love you both!!!

I loved spending time in the Humanitarian Center with the Sisters. This is where we really learned about each other and grew to love each other more. Girls just need girls around them. We accomplished alot of humanitarian project while visiting with each other. Many learned to do things they didn't know how to do and many relearned things they hadn't done for years.

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FHE Steak Fry

Sister Bulechek shows how big the steak was in her package. Notice that a piece has been cut off. These were some big hunk of steakes, and ohhhhhh so goooooooood! A reminder, this is a working ranch. Tom Abernathy, rancher who leases the property from the church, always has a freezer full of meat for the missionaries in the trek center on their arrival to 6th crossings.

Family Home Evening is always a fun event around here. Especially all the food. You have to be careful, I think we are all going home just a tad bit bigger than when we came.

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It's a plane, It's a plane!!!! Who is that crazy guy getting so close to the phone wires? Elder Bagley, this years director, and Elder Brunson, next years director, flew to SLC for meetings with the big wigs. Just had to do a fly-by on their way to Lander to land.

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So long our good friend "Earthquake"

Elder Henry heads across the field to see why Earthquake is down.

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

So many Hand Carts

The week we were the Handcart Wranglers was a busy week. We went to RCH to pick up hand carts that had been used by trekkers during the week about 3 times. This particular day we had to go to Sage Camp ground to drop some hand carts off. We were pulling two trailers with a total of 22 hand carts. Hand no idea we had a flat tire until we were turning into Sage campground. The dust from the road kept it too dusty to notice a problem. Notice how shredded the rubber is. We got this tire changed with the help of a guy who had his young family with him from Idaho for a day trip to see the sights. We were on a one lane dirt road. He stopped to help. We were back on the road and almost got to the black top, about another 8 miles down the dirt road, just to bet another flat tire. What a day!!!!!

I went jogging this morning and thought this would be a great picture. We have about 140 handcarts at our site for trekkers who come to our site and go on trek. The picture below has a cool picture of the new Visitor Center between the cart wheels.

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Robin & Jeff come for a visit, Yahoo!!!

Robin and Jeff came for a quick trip. Arriving on a Friday at 11:00 pm and left Saturday at 7:00 pm. Not a long stay, but we had so much fun. A missionary couple left the day before for home and the trailer they were living in won't be gone for another month, so they slept there. We took them to Rock Creek Hollow and to the Wind River Mountains.
We saw a fire chopper sucking water out of the resivoir and heading to a fire.

We have been over the dirt road to RCH many times. You can't go too fast because the road is lined with sharp rocks. But today Doug went a little too fast and look what happened.

How many men does it take to change a flat tire???? This guy stopped to see if we needed help. They couldn't figure out how to get the spare tire down from under the bed of the truck. If all else fails, read the info book.

Took them to Gannet Grill in Lander. It was pretty yummy. Thanks for coming to see us you two. We so appreciate it. Love you so much.

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Girls day out!

All the sister missionaries from both the Martin's Cove and the 6th Crossing Sites went on a shopping spree to Casper Wyoming. Christopher Banks store in the East Ridge Mall had a special just for missionaries. An hour before regular hours, they took 25% off of sale items for the missionaries. It was a great fun day. After shopping we all met at Olive Garden for lunch. All 65 of us. I rode with Sister Hege, she had invited Sim, a new convert who brought her little boy Simon. Sim and her husband Jimmy own the Muddy Gap gas station, that is between 6th Crossing and Martin's Cove. They are from India. The attend church with us every sunday at the Cove. Simon is 3 1/2 and a very smart boy. He is always the life of the party around all the grandmas in the crowd. We became good friends. He thought my sunglasses were great fun.

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fun surprise! Friends from Home

We had a fun surprise while at church at Martin's Cove over Labor Day weekend. Brad and Tode Hafen came up and said hi and gave us a hug. Tode and her first husband were my Sunday School teachers when I was a laurel in young womens. I will never forget her kindness and friendship then. She helped me to make my Junior prom dress when I was in high school.

We made arrangements to meet up with them the next day and take them around the sites by 6th crossing. We met them at Rock Creek Hollow and then went to Rocky Ridge with them. Brad and Tode were on a mission to Africa when we were on our Mission in New York. She kept an awesome blog of all their amazing experiences in Africa. Thanks for the fun memory, so glad you were there to pull us out of the mud bog. luv ya

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