Sunday, August 28, 2011

Rock Creek Hollow Week

The Wyoming sky is so beautiful. We went for a ride to the south of RCH to get a picture of the Sweet Water River and had to have this one of the western sky.

Sweet water river about 5 miles south of Rock Creek Hollow

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Rock Creek Hollow

We had a great time at Rock Creek Hollow for the week we were there. This flag pole is near the entrance to the memorial section of the Hollow. This brother and his two boys are related to the young man whose eagle project this was about 10 years ago. George had received permission to erect a flag pole Rock Creek Hollow. All the plans were in place. While serving a sister in his ward, helping with lawn care, he jumped on his motor cycle to go get trimming line. He was hit by a semi truck and killed. His brother, who is the dad in these two pictures, was on his mission when this happened. George's priesthood quorum went to the bishop after the funeral and asked if they could complete his project for the family. Permission was granted and all 16 of them sat in on the two merit badge classes he needed to receive his eagle award, as well as erect the flag pole for his project.

George's brother brought his two boys here the last night while we were at RCH. We asked the boys if they would like to help us retire the flag for the day. This was a wonderful moment to have George's brother and nephews here at his eagle project to participate in retiring the flag.
Every day the we had the raising of the flag and the retiring of the flag. We would ask a group who was there camping if they had any scouts who would like to participate with us. We would tell them about the history of the flag pole and the great service that George's priesthood quorum did in memory of their fallen member. We had many great experiences here.

On Sunday while at RCH the missionaries take turns going to church in Lander. One set will go in the morning while the other goes in the afternoon. There are two missionary couples at RCH all summer long. The Martin's Cove couples and the Willie Site couples. We all are assign one week during the summer. The Sunday we were at RCH the Wyoming Riverton YSA Branch brought Sacrament meeting to us. What an awesome experience.

Brother & Sister Gard were the guest speakers. Brother Gard was in the stake presidency of the Riverton Stake when alot of the eagle project were completed here at RCH. They shared some of their experience when the 2nd Rescue was taking place. (The 2nd rescue is when the Riverton Stake did all the temple work for the Willie & Martin handcart saints.)

Doug had the opportunity several times to do the "Pony express" for the groups who trekked into RCH. He would share a short history of the Pony express and then he would deliver the mail to them. Letters from home that the trek leader had brought with them unbeknown to the youth.

The only horse available for the pony express was Doug's bike he named "Cody" after a pony express rider, wild Bill Cody.

We spent the week with Elder and Sister Siler who are from Riverton Utah. We have forged a eternal friendship. We had great fun with them and love them tonz.

We had many opportunities to share pioneer stories about the handcart pioneers who were buried in the common grave at RCH.

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Rock Creek Hollow Week

We spent a couple of days mowing the amphitheaters. Had to move all the benches or trim underneath them. This amphitheater is the biggest and is at the end of the Hollow on the east side. It is so beautiful. The picture below is before we started. Next picture is after we spent a half a day there.

This is the smaller amphitheater that we moved all the benches out of the bog they were in. At the first of the season a snow drift covered the whole area. Below you can see where we moved it from and the water that we had to muck thru.
Over by the bushes is a fire pit, wasn't moved, to much water.

Monday, August 15, 2011

P-day - Horse ride to Freemont Canyon

Elder Brunson let us take the horses for a P-day excursion to Fremont Canyon where the sweetwater river runs about 18 miles south of the Willie Site. I am on Trajilla and Doug is on Earthquake. You can surmise why the handcart pioneers went over rocky ridge instead of trying to wind their way thru the canyon in the middle of a snow storm.

Willie Center 4th of July celebrations

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Spectacular 4th of July

This was the most awesome fireworks show we have seen. It is at Dr. Bills home. A member of the church who is a dentist in Lander. He has been hosting fireworks for many years now. Every year it gets just a little bit bigger and better.
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Sunday, August 14, 2011

4th of July celebration in Lander

If you ever want to see a spectacular fireworks show on the 4th of July, this is a must see. Lander is 39 miles to the west and north of our mission at Sixth Crossing Sweetwater station. The missionaries are asked to help with the clean up after the show. They requested 2 trucks to help with all the equipment afterwards. We volunteered to take our truck and stay after. The best part about that is we get to drive right up on the hill where he lives. Everyone else has to find somewhere to park and walk up the lane that goes up the hill to his house. We arrived a couple hours before the show to enable us to have our truck in place before all the people started arriving. Sorry the colage of pictures is hard to really see what it was like. We were able to meet Dr. Bills, his wife, sisters and mother. Dr. Bills has been doing this fireworks show on the 4th free for the public for about 30 years. His mother used to have all the neighborhood kids over for fireworks and always served ice cream. So he has continued that tradition and served ice cream cones and watermellon to the public that came for the show. He went thru about 12 - 5 gallon containers of chocolate, strawberry and vanilla ice cream and about 8 huge watermelons. Margie Hutchins, his sister was a very nice lady that took us behind the scenes. She was incharge of the calvary uniforms that were on loan for the reinactment program they do prior to the fireworks.

The program was so spectacular. 10,000 people come from all over to enjoy this beautiful program. The fireworks and music are choreographed together along with the narration of the begining of our land of promise, the home of the brave and the free!!! It is worth seeing. We would travel up here just to see it again. Doug's parents loved the show. Couldn't stop talking about it. I am glad they were here to go with us.

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Doug's parents come for a visit

We really enjoyed Elva and ReVon when they came for a visit. They stayed with us here in our 5th Wheel. They came for the 4th of July Week-end. We went touring on Saturday to the Lower monument at the base of Rocky Ridge. Decided to take the scenic route over the Hudson Atlantic and to some of the support roads for the trek groups. We also traveled along the National Historic trail and had quite an adventure before ending up at Rock Creek Hollow.
We came to this bogg in the middle of the trail. Uhm, do you hink we aught to drive thru it? No, maybe not right thru it, let's just drive to the side of it. HA! I don't think that was a bright idea. Now what are we going to do? I know, I'll get my hitch out and see if i can jack up the truck. Then maybe I can put a big rock under the tire to get some traction. But before I can do anything, Beth made me take off my white shirt and socks and shoes so I wouldn't get them muddy.
After spending an hour trying to get us unstuck, Beth finally thought of using the phone to see if she could get a hold of the office at the Willie Center and get the phone number for the missionaries at Rock Creek Hollow and see if Elder Freeman could come and pull us out. The connection was scratchy but we were able to get the info to Elder Freeman. We waited for about 45 minutes and then Doug tried to call and see if Elder Freeman was having any vehicle trouble on the trail somewhere. Doug couldn't get any service on the phone. About 10 minutes later we could see a white ford coming down the trail to help us. We were blessed with a tender mercy, phone service just long enough to get help coming. After getting unstuck we passed by this old Pony Express station. And then on into Rock Creek Hollow and enjoyed the sights there before heading to Atlantic City for dinner at the Grubsteak and on into Lander for the fireworks show.