Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Our last family picture with Clint. We are a blessed family!!
Doug loved hanging out with the younger missionaries, especially at Yankee Stadium.
He has always enjoyed hunting, His trophy elk was a high-light of his hunting experiences.
His chosen career as a Business owner and Paramedic was exciting and a dream come true that has enabled us to do many of the things we enjoy doing. He is talented and gifted in the emergency field. He misses it alot.

Doug loves to spend time with the Grandkids. They love their Pompa!

Whether fishing or hunting, Doug is there. He loves the out of doors. And has passed that on to all of his kids and grandkids.
Doug knows how to have a fun time no matter what he is doing, He is a great believer in being prepared for any weather when you are having fun. That always enables you to have mooooore fun.
There was a season in our life when we lived on the water. The last 10 years it has been traded for the mountains, much to our kids sadness. However they love the mountain too, just would like to spend more time on the water.
He has been a great father. Brandon said it the best when he said he always wanted an older brother and he has one in his dad.
Always up for a great adventure. And always is one when you are with doug.
Doug has always had so much fun with our kids. He is always one to get on the ground and play and wrestle with them.
Not a one of our kids got his beautiful dark dark brown hair or brown eyes.

Doug was born to ReVon and Elva Ellett on January 25th 1960 in Richfield, Utah.
They moved to Las Vegas when he was little until he was about 7 years old. Then the family moved to St. George, Utah and lived at and ran the "Red Bluff" motel for his grandfather Clarence Albrecht.
Doug's passion was playing sports. He excelled at all he played in. Doug met Beth at the end of his sophomore year. This hunk of a stud has been the best thing that ever happened to me. I love you forever and always. You are my best friend and my everything.
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hApPy 3rd BiRtHdAy to our BRECKON

Breckon is our oldest son Brandon's 2nd son and3rd Child. His full name is Breckon Clintin. A fitting name for this little bundle of BOY. He has beautiful eyes like his uncle Clint and he has much of his spitball personality. We love you Brecky
The birthday theme was all about super hero monsters according to Brecky. They had fun swinging at Spiderman pinata.

Three layer super hero cake. It was adorable, just like Brecky.
"Mr Incredible" sure liked his new tent, sleeping bag and flashlight. He and Maesi had a sleep over in the tent in the game room.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Fun with the Grandkids

Sleep overs, sooooo much fun.

Rabbit hunting and target practice
Ooooo, is that a mouse in the house?

Girls afternoon at the Movie, "the frog and the princess" and fun at the mall
heading out to the park for a bit of fun
a mean game of canasta, Easton's new favorite