Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Wheels on the Bus go round n round

We found this cool old bus on this property that had a for sale sign. While checking out the property, the kids were checking out the bus and had a ball playing in it.
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Fun in the Mountains

What a fun time we had with some of our grandkids. Love Love Love them!!!!!
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Brian Head camping & ridin'

We spent the week-end camping up in Brian Head. It was hard to not be able to go to our cabin, (we sold it). But we stayed the night on our other property that is all sagebrush and swamp. Ooooo fun! We actually did have fun. We ended up moving the trailers over to our friends (the Allen's) place. It was like old times. For anyone reading this that doesn't know, we had a cabin right next door to Allen's cabin. We both sold our cabins about 6 years ago. Allen's bought a lot a cross from our old ones and we haven't camped up in Brian Head since. Allen's have built a little "man hut" on their new lot that is in the trees. I love the quakies and pines. I didn't realize how much I missed being up on the mountain. It was awesome. So much fun we are planning on spending the 4th of July Holiday up there with all our families. So excited!
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Friday, June 25, 2010

Presenting Princess Kell

Kell wanted to try on all the dresses she found in my cedar Chest. Allee had fun for a minute but Kell couldn't get enough of the dress up fun.
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Playing Dress-up

Kell wanted to know what was in my Cedar Chest. Boy did she discover a fun time. The girls had fun trying on dresses and modeling for Pompa. They insisted that I dress up too.
Princess McKell, Princess Allee & Princess Taylee
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FHE at Cox Park

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Fun, Fun, Fun, Father's Day week-end

Fishing in the kids pond up by Wood's Ranch. Okay kids, this is how it is done!
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Fishing on Father's Day camp-out

I have three poles out and where did all the fisher-kids go?????
Oh, here they are, caught themselves some fishes.

Brandee and Kevin came up to pick up their girls. Taylee wanted in on some of the action. Too much fun!!!!
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Father's Day Week-end

We took Allee & McKell camping with us up to Wood's Ranch in Cedar canyon. Brax, Dusty and his two boys along with Elva & ReVon came up to enjoy the weekend with us. It was a blast. We stayed right in the parking lot of the Pavillion area.
We played tether Ball
We played in the meadow across the road
Allee and Doug, dug for worms so we could go fishing.
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More Fun on Father's day weekend

The boys took target practice
The little ones helped find arrows
We gathered wood for a big fire to burn in the pavillon fire place and watch a movie.
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Father's day Week-end

We just hung out....
And we watched Dusty split wood
We had fun with Great grandma & Grandpa
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Happy B-day To......

Treyson & Dawson!!!!!! What a fun swim/b-day party to celebrate your 2nd birthdays!
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Birthday Boys!!! Trey & Dawson

Happy Birthday to our 2 younges grandkids.
Treyson & Dawson, both Elletts born three weeks apart.

Dawson is Brandon & Malea's youngest and Trey is Dusty & Cari's younges. Celebrating their 2nd birthdays together at a fun swimming party.
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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

FHE * SpEeD dAtInG

Not another dating game......heavens NO!!! This is not your average dating game. We had a "Speedy Fiesta" Doug made his delicious dutch oven enchalada casserole. YUMMY! Thansks for everyones help and participation. Those who came had a great time.
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FHE - Listen for the bell to ding!!!! GO!!!!!!!

Girls on the inside, boys on the outside. Listen for the bell, it will let you know how many chairs you need to move for this fun game of speed dating, It actually was an information expo. You have 2 minutes to ask as many questions as you want to find out about this person. When the bell dings the person across from you gets a turn. Next bell means move on.
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