Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Bishop's store house

Our house is wide as this car is long.
This must be the living room.
Not much room for company, but you come and see us we will make room.

Today we went over to the Bishop's store house here in St. George. It is a major production site. But then of course it is the cannery, the store house and the home storage center for the area. During the summer it was the goal to can 10,000 cans of peaches, they canned 17,000. The storage area for the store house is huge. I don't think the store house in the Bronx matches the one here. The church has bought a small house and turned much of the living area into the store house. When we first saw the picture the Schaffers (the couple we are replacing) sent to us I thought it was a pretty nice sized home until I looked closer and saw that the tree off to the left, is right in front of our little home. The car out front looks longer than our new home is wide. Take a good look and see what you think. It's the one with 2055 on the front of the house. Less than two weeks to go. I can't believe it.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Cutest darn "WITCH"

McKell's pre-school class performing their program for the mom's and grandma's. They sang several scary songs.
Is it the wicked witch of the East, no west, no I think she's the cutest darn witch of the South.
Allee holding the treats for the trick or treaters, wishing she was one of them. Do you like Allee's trick, she has been practicing standing on the side of the wall.

Kell had her Halloween program at pre-school today. Her class sang several songs and then they went Trick-or-treating around the court yard to all the parents who gave them all some candy.


Happy Birthday to Kevin Clintin Williams - you are now 6 years old. We love you KC

KC turned 6 years old on the 21st of October. He had a fun friend party last week and the family party was last night at our house in the court yard. It was a beautiful night to be in the court yard. We sat by the fire place after the sun went down. We love you KC, you are a real joy.

Sleep Over at Pampa's

All the six older grandchildren stayed at our house for a sleep over. We played and had fun and then settled down to watch the movie "Meet the Robinson's". The kids loved it. Maesi was the only one to fall asleep before it was over. Tryston snuggled so close to Kell that he snuggled her out of her spot. Kell woke up crying cause she couldn't figure out where to sleep. Tryston was oblivous as he now was snuggled up next to Maesi. What a joy they are and how we will miss them all.

Neighborhood "M.O.B." Harley Ride to Tombstone Az

One of the guys that we went with, Kent Black, his great grandfather helped build this bridge across the grand canyon near Lee's Ferry. He was called by the LDS church to run the ferry for 20 years.
We traveled all the way down to the south east corner to a border town called Douglas. It is where the first International Airport was in the US We stayed in a hundred year old motel that Poncho Villa rode his horse up the marble stair case.
Our "Mormons on Bikes" group went for one last ride with us before our mission. We traveled across the state of Arizona. Area in which we have never been. Much of Arizona is desert, but there are some beautiful mountains, especially in the eastern side of the state. We stopped at the petrified forest, stayed at the hotel in Douglas where Poncho Via rode his horse up the marble stair case. We went to Tombstone and walked the streets there and saw then"OK" corral. Some of the group went down into Mexico. We didn't have the extra day they did so we traveled up to the mountain town of Payson. Beautiful place. We passed thru some cotton fields that were in full bloom, never seen that before. It took 2 hours to go 40 miles on some hairpin switch backs in the eastern mountains. Talk about TB. It was great fun and we will miss the rikes. Maybe some of our friends will come see us in New York and we can rent Harleys and go see the country side with them. Oh yea!

Dinner and Fun at Gr. Grandma Ellett's home

Last Monday we had family home evening at Doug's parents. All his siblings and their families came and enjoyed a great Bar-b-Q. Everyone had a great time. ReVon shared a moment of his gratitude for his posterity. It was a wonderful evening.

Brax always is a barrel of fun for the little ones. He was the life of their party. He loves them and they love him.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Happy Birthday to Tryston & Congrats!!

Happy Birthday to Tryston, you are now 2 years old. He holds up index fingers on both hands to show you how old he is. So cute Make sure you turn your head just right so you can see the pictures up-right - oops! not sure what happened this time, I tuned them when I copied them.
Little Mataylee's first family outing, she is three weeks old.
McKell is showing off her new cheer clinic shirt. She performs at half time at next Dixie game.
Out of now where Tryston appears with this shirt on advertising his new family news. Congrats you three, or should I say four. They are due June 3rd.

Tryston is 2 years old. Cari and Dusty had a B-day party over at the park for Tryston. All the family was there. Pizza was enjoyed, then a ward showed up that had reserved the park so we went over to the house and finished up with cake and Ice cream in the court-yard and opening presents. The big hit of course was Trystons new battery operated 4-wheeler, and a little motorized "BIKE", motorcycle with a guy on it that goes by it's self. The kids had a ball and the adults visited and caught up with the latest events.

Thursday, October 18, 2007


All the girls, except little Taylee, went to see Cinderella at the Tuacahn outdoor amphi-Theatre. We had so much fun. Maesi was so excited to be there but was the only one who fell asleep towards the end. McKell got tired, but Allee was wide eyed and a busy bee. The wind picked up and it got really chilli. We cuddled, drank hot chocolate and enjoyed the show. Thanks for a fun night girls, I love you.

Computer dummy, that's ME!

Brandon, you're a life savor for us, Thanks bud, love ya!
Maesi stayed with daddy and helped keep grandma company while daddy worked on the computer.

Brandon spent half the day over to our house last saturday helping us get our new lap top ready with all our programs, so we will be prepared and ready when we head out on our mission. Thank heavens for kids with technology smarts. Brandon, you are the greatest, you'll never know how we appreciate your time and talents. What would we have done with out you. Love you bud.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Mission update - yahoo now we know!!!

We finally found out what kind of mission we will be serving in New York City. We will be living in and directing the Bishops store house in Bronx. The small house has been converted into the Bishop's storehouse. Main floor - store house and small kitchen in the back, upstairs - bedroom, bathroom, small office-sitting area. The couple we are replacing, the Shaffers from Bountiful, are currently home teaching 30 families. They have enjoyed great success. When they first got there, 70 people were coming to church, now there is an average of 150 people every week. Our address there is: Elder & Sister Ellett
2055 Ellis Avenue
Bronx, New York 10462
We have been told that we have about 50 baptisms every month, hence the need to home teach so many families, there are at least 6 different languages in our mission. More information about our fairwell will follow. Malea is helping with invitations. The date is November 11, 2007.

Snowy Boulder Mountain

The Ellett family reunion time has always been around the hunting season. We have gone every year since we have been married. The animal hunted might change, the set time in october might change, the mountain even might change, but there will always be Elletts gathering on the mountain during hunting season. This year Dusty and Cari and Tryston, us, Doug's parents, Jr. and Lorri and girls, Uncle Warrens whole family, Jerry and Tom and his family and friends were able to be there. It snowed on us and made it very wet. muddddy, and cold. Lots of elk up on this mountain but no visible spike in all the elk seen and heard. Doug was in heaven, he loves that mountain. Probably spent every year of his life hunting up there round about. I got a lot of scape booking done. We enjoyed going for a ride so we could listen to general conference both days. Doug spent great one on one time with his dad. Hopefully next year, more can gather and enjoy family-go for us, we surely will be thinking about you.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Fabulous Fun - Hunting in Idaho

Doug and all the boys got back saturday night from their week long archery hunting trip. They had so much fun. It was a great adventure. Called in lots of elk, chased by a moose, heard a bear, rain, snow, sunshine and froze in the tree stands fished in the creek by the trailer and Doug caught 5 fish. Brandon made a spear and tried for dinner the old fashioned way until Doug told him he had a couple fishing poles. Doug "says" he missed a huge elk, 6X6. Nobody got anything, but great memories and antisipation for next year. We are all happy they made it back safe and sound. It snowed on them from Idaho Falls to Nephi on the way home. I think it is the girls turn for a week long adventure. Maybe the girls willl have to come out to New York and go touring with us.