Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Neighborhood "M.O.B." Harley Ride to Tombstone Az

One of the guys that we went with, Kent Black, his great grandfather helped build this bridge across the grand canyon near Lee's Ferry. He was called by the LDS church to run the ferry for 20 years.
We traveled all the way down to the south east corner to a border town called Douglas. It is where the first International Airport was in the US We stayed in a hundred year old motel that Poncho Villa rode his horse up the marble stair case.
Our "Mormons on Bikes" group went for one last ride with us before our mission. We traveled across the state of Arizona. Area in which we have never been. Much of Arizona is desert, but there are some beautiful mountains, especially in the eastern side of the state. We stopped at the petrified forest, stayed at the hotel in Douglas where Poncho Via rode his horse up the marble stair case. We went to Tombstone and walked the streets there and saw then"OK" corral. Some of the group went down into Mexico. We didn't have the extra day they did so we traveled up to the mountain town of Payson. Beautiful place. We passed thru some cotton fields that were in full bloom, never seen that before. It took 2 hours to go 40 miles on some hairpin switch backs in the eastern mountains. Talk about TB. It was great fun and we will miss the rikes. Maybe some of our friends will come see us in New York and we can rent Harleys and go see the country side with them. Oh yea!

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