Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Bishop's store house

Our house is wide as this car is long.
This must be the living room.
Not much room for company, but you come and see us we will make room.

Today we went over to the Bishop's store house here in St. George. It is a major production site. But then of course it is the cannery, the store house and the home storage center for the area. During the summer it was the goal to can 10,000 cans of peaches, they canned 17,000. The storage area for the store house is huge. I don't think the store house in the Bronx matches the one here. The church has bought a small house and turned much of the living area into the store house. When we first saw the picture the Schaffers (the couple we are replacing) sent to us I thought it was a pretty nice sized home until I looked closer and saw that the tree off to the left, is right in front of our little home. The car out front looks longer than our new home is wide. Take a good look and see what you think. It's the one with 2055 on the front of the house. Less than two weeks to go. I can't believe it.

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