Thursday, September 24, 2009

Celebrating more birthdays in September

Our SwEEt little Taylee turned 2 on Sunday. She is the cutest little fireball. These pics don't due her justice. It has been so fun getting to know her. She was born just before we left for our mission

Happy, hAPPY, HaPpY - Birthday to our wonderful son-in-law, Kevin. He is now 30 years old. Hope you had a fun exciting day. Sept 18th
hApPpY, HaPPy, hAppY - birthday to our beautiful daughter-in-law Malea. She too is thirty this year. Hope you had a fun relaxing day. Sept 24th

We love you both and are blessed to have you in our family.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Mission Homecoming report

We reported our mission this past Sunday. It was a beautiful day. What a fun treat to have 5 of our mission kids come and share the day with us. It was fun to have so much family that had come for my surprise b-day party stay over and be there too. Many old friends were there too. Love you all so much and so appreciate your love and support. XOXOXOXO
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Beth's 50th B-day surprise

Just want to let my best friend, sweetheart companion of 33
cherished husband, partner for eternity, know how much I
love and cherish
him. How blessed I am to have you and to
hold you.
"YOU'RE STILL THE ONE"!!!! Thanks for a
wonderful life.
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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Family Pictures!

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fun pics of my birthday party

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Pictures from my party!

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sUrPrIsE!!!!! bEtH is 50!!!!!!!

Thanks for a wonderful Party everyone. I totally thought I was going to get my picture taken for my b-day with my best friend, (Doug). I was even clueless when he told me he wanted me to dress in black and white. Even when we arrived out back of Staheli Catering to take pictures down by the water and Malea was dressed in a cute black dress. I had no idea especially because they have given me such a fun day on Wednesday for my actual birthday.

As we were headed up the ramp on the back side of the building, Malea wanted to start the shoot there, when I approached the doors I glanced in the window and saw a whole bunch of people in the room standing up. I turned and told Malea & Doug that "there's a party going on in there, I'm not going in there. I was sure it was a wedding reception or "something" going on for someone else. It took my totally by surprise, didn't donn on me that it was for me until I recognized the kids and a whole bunch of black & white balloons. And then I started scanning the room and everyone there was dear family and dear friends. Brandee headed up the party plans with the help of Malea and Cari and the boys. They really didn't tell Doug much as he has a hard time keeping a secret. But good job honey, I had no idea. It was a real treat, a very special night. I felt like a princess, an "old" princess. We had a sit down dinner catered by Staheli Catering, yum yum! There was a band, we all danced the night away. And then Malea took fun picutes of most everyone.

This was one of the reasons Doug wanted to come home a bit early from our mission. Brandee had told him at Christmas time that he needed to have me home for my 50th birthday. They had a big surprise planned. Brandee said it was a lot of fun especially when it's not your own money you are spending. Dad's money was much easier to make all the fun plans with. They had about75 people there. Not a one of them spoiled the surprise.

I hope you all know how much I love you and am so blessed to have you in my life. I am a blessed women, for I have the love of a terrific family and friends.
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Pizza Factory Surprise - Beth's 50th B-day

What a fun day. First, Brandon fixed egg & cheese burritos for breakfast. Then the girls all came over and picked me up and we went for pedicures. Next they took me to a new place on Main St., "25 'n' Main", for a fun lunch with dear friends and familly. Thought the fun was done, but no....we ended the day at the Pizza Factory with all the kids and grandkids. What a treat. Thanks everyone!!! xoxoxox
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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Beautiful Elk Ridge - Blue Mountain, near Blanding

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Elk Hunting

We enjoyed a fun time with Scott & Pauline, Ryan, ReVon & Elva; hunting on the back side of the Manti Lasal Mountain range. Scott had turned his dedicated hunting license back in last year that was not filled. It went into a drawing and he won the drawing for a hunt of a life time. He called Doug several months ago while we were on our mission and asked him if we would be home for the hunt. He had never hunted Elk before and had no idea how or where to go. Of course Doug agreed to go and got very trunky the last couple of months.

Doug's parents came and went with us and Ryan, Scott & Pauline's son went with them. This hunt is in the San Jaun valley just outside of Blanding. Do you know how far away that is from St. George. 8 loooooooooong hours. But what a beautiful mountain.

We arrived friday afternoon and set up camp, then went for a ride on the wheelers to see the country side. Ryan spotted some elk up on the top of Blue Mountain. We all took turns looking thru the spotting scope at 'em. They were huge. The Plan was set in motion for the next day. I got up early with the guys and headed out on our wheelers at 5:30 the next morning. We parked the wheelers and then started hiking. It was quite a trek. We couldn't find a road that would take us to that part of the mountain. (That is an obvious reason why the elk were way up there.No one bothers them way up there.) Just after daylight we took a break and glassed over the mountain side. Doug started bugleing. The elk started responding with their own bugleing. Pretty soon there were elk from all different directions bugleing. 360 degrees, we were surrounded with the call of the wild. That sure can get your blood pumping, especially when you can't really see them all, only hear them. Scott did manage to get off 5 rounds at a couple of them. One we thought he had hit for sure. Ryan and I treked over the avalanch of shell rock to where we last saw the elk, looking for blood or any sign where he went. We searched all over and never could find the animal. Hiking out of there was the hike from _ _ _ _. Doug, Scott and I went one direction and Ryan another. The "Mule" made it down a good 45 minutes before we did.

Monday we decided to hike up the canyon the way Ryan had come down, a different way following a creek bed that went right up where we were at. This time Pauline was with us. About a third of the way up, we all stopped for a break and Doug did some more bugeling. A few Bulls answered him. Onward we went, half way up, Ryan was in the lead,(he is quite the mountain goat, but being half our age does make a difference. We nick-named him the "Mule") He stopped for a second and then pointed down in some trees down by the water, just as Doug noticed the same thing. They had both smelled it at the same time. There lay a huge ELK. He and Doug approached it very carefully not wanting to have it rear up on them if it was just laying there wounded. To our great amazement, it seemed to be the very elk Scott had shot on Saturday. Scott's 5 shots were the only ones we had heard the whole time we have been up here. We were all stunned to think we had come across Scott's elk. Because of the steep terrain, we ended up gutting, de-boning, and taking off the horns and packing everything we could carry out. Ryan (the Mule packed out the heaviest load, made it down to the truck and then back up to meet us where we were at and packed the pack his parents were carrying out and then back down to the truck again. What a fluke, who would have ever thought we would find the Elk the very direction we decided to go.

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Monday, September 14, 2009


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Labor day Adventure

We went camping with all our kids on Labor Day Weekend. We had a blast. So fun to be with all of them. We went up on Cedar Mountain where the kids's trailers have been most of the summer. It rained the first day then the next two were perfect. Brandon & Malea were only able to spend one night. We all went to church in Panguich lake on Sunday. It was a full house there because of the holiday week end.

We love the mountains especially when we are all together with family. Love you all.
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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Getting back to "nOrMaL" What is that?

Every body asks, "how's it like being home?" First off, we haven't been home very much. We got home last Monday night. Spent Tuesday unpacking some of the boxes we shipped home and then drove to Hurricane, a little town about 20 miles north of us to look at more 5th wheel trailers. Malea, our daughter in-law, found a 5th toy hauler on line at Doug called on it and made a deal. Sooooooo, Wednessday, we headed to Hooper, up by Ogden, spent the night with my sister Mitzi and went over the next day, Thursday to get the toy hauler and the guy backed out on the deal, had really bad sellers remorse. Soooooo....We went back on line and found one two years newer and 5 feet shorter, but the kicker is that it is in Evanston Wyoming. Doug definitely is a happy camper. It was worth all the trouble because he loves his new tailer. We got home late Thursday and headed up to Cedar Mtn on Friday and stayed thru Labor Day and home that night. Yesterday, Tuesday was spent unpacking the rest of the stuff and putting our closet and bedroom together. So when asked how's it like being home? It's great the little bit we have been here. But I am not sure what normal is anymore. I don't want to be back the way we were before we left. I want to be a better person for the experiences we have had and enjoyed on our mission. I hope to be better and stay busy doing good for others and sharing the gospel thru service, example and opening my mouth.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

We have arrived!!!!!

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H*O*M*E - S*W*E*E*T - H*O*M*E

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Day #11 - Almost HOME

We stopped at Hoover Dam on the way to Las Vegas to check out the huge bridge they are building. Then headed to Vegas to do what? of course check out some travel trailer places. (This is getting old, especially in this heat.)
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Kingman Arizona

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Day #10 - Kingman AZ - Road trip

Today was awesome! We drove around trying to find the chapel in Flagstaff. Found one on Cherry Lane. Flagstaff sure is a beautiful place.

Doug had a wild hair and called Brandee the night before and asked her if she wanted to take a road trip and bring her dad's truck to meet us in Kingman AZ. He was itching to drive his new truck. Called his dad and had him pick it up at the dealer, Brandee & Kevin picked it up at Grandpa's house and here they are. We couldn't get enough of the kids. We grabbed a bit to eat and then drove Bull Head AZ/Laughlin NV. It was 117 degrees, almost melted. Came pretty darn close. Then back to Kingman and spent the night there with Brandee & Kevin & fam.
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