Monday, July 25, 2011

On theTrail

We shared the story of the Willie Company when they were bogged down in the snow here in this meadow, freezing, starving in such a weakened condition. Then the group headed down the trail to where we do the "men's call-out and the women's pull." It always pricks at my heart strings when I watch the priesthood brethren walking away and up the hill. What would we do with out the priesthood in our lives?????

The girls came forward and sang "Sisters in Zion" right before they pulled up the hill with out the priesthood helping them.

Water Crossing

We did a "Water Crossing" message to the SLC Tongan stake. Each trek family made their own flag. Some were awesome. Here is a few:
At the water crossing we have them pick up a rock and throw it in the river when they cross representing a bad habit that they want to get rid of. They commit to throw away their bad habit and be better. Many picked up 2-4 rocks. They really took this serious.

This "Ma & Pa" had brought their little 3 year old boy with them and he was determined to walk through the water. So cute!!!!

E/S Errol Bagley's grandson's baptism

This is the first baptism we have witnessed here at the Sixth Crossing of the Sweetwater river here at the Willie Site. The river was very high and had to put this pole out in the water in case it swept dad and son down the river.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Martin's Cove "Oscar"

Martin's Cove has a dog like the Willie Center does. Actually Oscar doesn't belong to the Cove but to the Sun's who use to own the property. When trek season starts, Oscar comes to trek with the family he chooses. He goes on trek with them, stays with them and is like a protections for them. Truly! Once he wouldn't let kids into their tent and no one could get him to move. Later it was found that there was a rattle snake in the tent. Another time he would let a motor home leave, he laid down right in front of it. The driver couldn't get him to move until a little boy came out of the restroom. They didn't know the little boy was missing and sure enough as soon as the little boy got into the motor home Oscar moved.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Kari Isaksen - Beautiful Temple Day

Kari Isaksen received her temple endowment today at the Denver Colorado Temple.
She invited us to join her and be her escorts. She has waited a long time to be able to enter the temple of the Lord and enjoy the blessings to those who covenant with the Lord. Her sister Beth and brother-in-law Jeremy and his sister live in Denver near the temple. They are the funnest people. They have 5 darling boys. We had so much fun spending time with them.
Kari, We are so proud of you. Thank you so much for inviting us to participate on this beautiful day with you.

River Crossing with Riverdale ward

The Sweetwater river is so full. It is running over it banks and has been for the last month. We are unable to allow the trekkers to cross in the river because it is too deep and too swift. So we have an alternate crossing at several places on the trail. This is just one of them. They are crossing a irrigation ditch here in the picture. Doug was in heaven as he shared a little time with some of the young boys as they trekked to the river crossing. We share a message about the importance of water in our life and then share a pioneer story about saints helping each other as they cross difficult challenges in their life.
Before we shared our part before the river crossing, 4 darling primary girls were prepared and sang a beautiful song called:"Somewhere there's a mountain," from the CD "Trek" by Jason Deere. We had never heard it before so we went on line and ordered it from Deseret Books.

Somewhere there's a mountain
it must be far away
'Cause I stand on my tiptoes
And I can't see a thing.

Somewhere there's a mountain
I heard the prophet say
That we'll build a home there
And never have to go away.

It's a long, long way to walk
But one day I'll climb to the top
Somewhere there's a mountain
With flowers in the spring

I will take my shoes off
and wake the mountain stream.

It's a long, long way to walk
But one day I'll climb to the top.

And that's where I'll find Jesus
And when I see Him smile
I'll put my arms around Him
It will be worth every mile.

Somewhere there's a mountain!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Planting Trees

Elder & Sister Christensen have the job of yard care specialist for the Willie site. Last year many small tree twigs were planted to see if they would grow. Some budded this spring but many didn't make it. So they were replaced. They have a few sister missionaries helping with the yard care by the visitor center, this is their whole job while a missionary, except for telling pioneer stories out on the trail when the trekkers come, just like all of us. Our trailer and two other have a little grass out their door. Most just have gravel. We have a nice view out our door too, where others view is the trailer next to them. We had to move about a month ago because we needed 50 amp service, not 30 amp. Elder and sister Brown went home for shoulder surgery and we took their spot, just move their trailer to our old spot and we took their spot.

Sqare Dancing

Square Dancing isn't just for the 2nd years like Elder & Sister Freeman. We have had the opportunity to do the calling as well as the teaching. In fact all the missionaries are needed and used when doing square dancing to teach the participants especially with a big group over 100.
Most all the youth really like to square dance. We had a huge group the other night of about 600 people. That was so hard. Too many, but what do ya do? The best you can!!

Beautiful Wyoming skies

National College rodeo Finals in Casper Wyoming

We enjoyed a fun week end in Casper at the Rodeo.
Doug shopped for a new hat to go with the outfit.

Women's pull 'n' men's call out with 2 huge groups

Doug and I had the opportunity to do the women's pull 'n' the men's call out. Doug called all the young men and male leader out to follow him. They proceeded to head up to the top of the hill and Doug and the stake president are to share a message with the young men about honoring their priesthood and honoring womenhood. While the men walked up the hill, I and the stake young women's president shared a message about the importance of the priesthood in our lives and what they should do to help them cherish and be worthy of the priesthood they hold. I also shared with them how they might have to pull the handcart alone at some time in their life. How they need to ponder what burdens they are carrying around and to get rid of them. Distractions and bad choices can weigh us down.

At the top of the hill by the time the young women had pulled and pushed their handcarts up there the young men and leaders were standing on both sides of the trail with hats over their hearts witnessing the struggle and triumph of the young women. Awesome experience!
Elder & Sister Brunson are here posing after their Ephraim Hanks and Thisbie Read Pioneer story that we all get the opportunity to do for the trekkers who come.