Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The P*E*R*F*E*C*T DAY!!!!!

The last day of spring break we went and played and picniced at a part of Snow Canyon. It was the perfect day for play 'n rolling in the sand. Just warm enough to be able to take off our jackets and enjoy the warmth of the top layer of the sand. The coolness of the bottom layer of sand was exactly what was needed as we trodded up and down the sand hill. A few face plants, and sliding into the bottom, digging, digging, giggling and rolling rolling rolling. Lot's of laughing and smiles shared by all.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Elva's 73rd b-day - hApPy BiRtHdAy - we love ya!!!!

We took Elva to a fun place that she had never been before for lunch - "Electric Cafe". It was delicious and she loved it. Cari left for work before we could get a picture. (Sorry Cari)

ReVon, Doug's dad called him to put together a fun camping trip for Elva to surprise her. We went to a little place right before you get to Gunlock resivoir.
That night we had a fun time sharing memories about "mom, wife, grandma & great grandma" around the camp fire. Only after we enjoyed a scrumptious dutch oven dinner of Bar-b-Q chicken, cheesy potatoes, yummy salads and peach cobbler and Ron's pumpkin cobbler with ice cream.
When ever you see one you always see the other one. They are such a great example of love and marriage. We love you both so much.
Of course camping isn't camping with out hiking and checking out the water and going for 4-wheeler rides. The weather was perfect on Friday. Everyone had so much fun.

We missed Pauline and her family, but it was enjoyed by all who came.

FHE at Kolob care center with our College 7th ward

We had a fun night at the care center with a wild game of "Bingo" and some entertainment from Creed. Doug has received a new calling. He is the 1st councilor to Bishop Rick Smith at the 7th ward in one of the college stakes. He is loving it and so am I. I have been asked to go and participate in the ward. It is very rewarding.
A fun night, found out that I knew two women in the care center. Sharon Thompson, she lived in our ward when we were first married. Her daughter Leslie Ence is one of my class mates and a good friend. The other sister used to work at "Roadside Market" many years ago. It used to be located at the corner of Bluff and Blvd way before Hollywood Video was there. On the corner at the intersection where Ben Franklin is.

San Jose California/ACN convention

Brandon & Malea at the HP Pavillion in San Jose California
We have started a new business with our boys with ACN. We sell "video phones" and broker deals with all the latest technologies in the telecommunications business. Before long every household will all have a video phone because it is digital and everything is going digital.

Brandon and Malea did a road trip with us to the National convention in San Jose. We had a lot of fun.