Tuesday, June 30, 2009


This is a SHOUT-OUT to our sweet little "Allee Bug". She just turned 4 years old. She is Brandee & Kevins 3rd child, 2nd daughter, our 5th grandchild. She just melts my heart. Love you so much!!!! XoxoxoxoxoO

Surprise Fairwell for Searles

Elder & Sister Evans planned a surprise send off for President and Sister Searle.
Everyone met in the Kingsbridge chapel down in the garage so when the Searles drove in the garage door everyone was there singing Armies of Helaman. It was very touching.
After the hello we all went up to the chapel and had a fairwell devotional. Several of the missionaries performed special musical numbers and President and Sister Searle were invited to say a few words. After which everyone got to shake hands and have a hug and say good bye to them.
We love the Searles and will miss them so much. This was a great fun surpise that caught them off guard. We wish the very best to our dear friends.
The whole mission has gotten together only one other time since we have been on our mission. That was when Pres. Uchtdorf and his wife and two twin grandsons were here on vacation before they went on their mission. We have mission conference every six weeks but the mission is divided in the north and south.

This happened yesterday, then today the office couples and us went to a final luncheon before the Searles picked up President & Sister Smith at the airport. They will fly home in the morning.

Wood project in Monticello

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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Happy 22nd B-day to our baby boy b R a X t I n

This is a SHOUT-OUT to our youngest handsome son Brax. Happy Happy Birthday. Can't believe you are 22 years old. Hope you have a Glorious day filled with loads of fun. Wish we were there. Love you much XOXOXOXOXOX

Friday, June 26, 2009

Crazy Rainy Day

Our day started really early. In fact, it started in the wee hour of the morning at 12:10 am. We awoke to a lot of screaming outside. It was weird, I kind of felt like I was dreaming it at first. Doug jumped our of bed and peered out the blinds. He yells at me "it's a cat fight!" Right there in the middle of the road were two women slugging it out with a small boy, about 10 years old, slugging right along with them. Lot's of by standers yelling and laughing. It didn't take too long before about 4 cop cars pulled up stopping any traffic right there in the middle of the road. The crowd split up really fast with many running down the road. "Only in NYC".

We took off this morning to head up state and over to Connecticut to do some apartment inspections. Now remember, we have to walk 6 blocks to get to our car and anything we are taking with us has to be carried or hauled in the "bronx cart", a must in the city. Doug also found a little portable hand cart with wheels that he pushes in front of him. We strapped in the supplies and his bucket of tools and off we went to the car and then up the road. About 10 minutes up the road Doug opened his pepsi bottle he had brought along with him. It exploded everywhere. Mostly all over him. Luckily I had a folder of papers open in my lap and they got the majority of the pop that exploded on me. We had to call the elders and tell them we would be a bit late, Doug had to turn around and go back to the apartment, while I waited out in the car double parked so we wouldn't get a ticket, and he had to change all his clothes.

While in Connecticut heading back to NY to York Town Heights, it started raining so hard we couldn't keep the windshield cleared enough to see. It was pouring buckets, literally. After arriving we parked outside the elders apartment and told them we were going to sit there for a bit and see if the rain would let up. No chance, we were soaked to the bone just walking 30 feet and that was even with a little umbrella.

After arriving home, parking the car, loading up the cart, we headed to our apartment. Being a Friday the streets were alive with people. The rain had stopped and so many were out on the streets just hanging out. Many turn their radios in their parked cars up full blast, many open their apartment windows and sit on the sill so they can be apart of the fun, the corners by the street lights are a buzz with people, many of the little shops and restaurants doors are open with people going in and out. The missionaries love this time of year as they can make lots of contacts on the street in the evenings when everyone is out and about.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Our last actual staff mtg before the Searles fly home. Elder Bishoff & Evans were President Searle's assistants. The Evans and Farnsworths were the office missionaries.
On our way to out today we arrived at the church in the underground parking where we keep our car and found a flat tire. Doug ended up going to the "Getty" gas station next door and bought a spray can with air and some kind of goop in it to put air in the tire so we could drive it next door to fix the flat. They found a nail in it. They rotated the tires for us too. The first flat here in NY. Wish I could say it was our very first ticket, HA! HA!

Oops - belated HaPpY bIrThDaY e*a*s*t*o*n*

......and Happy 10th Anniversary to Brandon & Malea!!

With all the things we celebrate in June I somehow missed our little buddy Easton. This is a SHOUT - OUT to you Easton. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Easton is the oldest son or our oldest son Brandon. And by the way, before I forget tomorrow......HAPPY HAPPY 10TH ANNIVERSARY TO BRANDON & MALEA, Easton's parents. xoXOXoxoXO

Monday, June 22, 2009

Senior couples fairwell party for the Searles

President & Sister Searle are my heroes. We have grown to love them like family. They are such wonderful examples of leadership, love, friendship, charity, fun, humility, disciples of Christ. We enjoyed a fun night and wonderful meal at President Sasines beautiful home in Cortland Manor, up state about 60 miles from the city.
I am totally listing every one for my benefit. Back left: Sister G, President Ron Sasine, Roma & Harold Farnsworth, Doug, Alan Forman, Truman Clawson, Lanny & Sherry Norris, President Bill & Jenifer Darger, Elder Dennis Evans & Mike Kigin. Front left: Karen Sasine, President Richard & Wynette Searle, Me, Becky Forman, Marilyn Clawson, Janet Evans, Judy Kigin. We have been so blessed to rub shoulder with the best of the best of the Lords servants. Many have gone home and we miss them, and we will go home soon too. But you all will remain a very treasured friend and we will hold you dear in our hearts.

Ist week in our new ward, Inwood 1st ward

This is an exciting ward. It is totally functioning normal. It is a pretty fair size ward with many artistically talented people. Many who have come to the city to try and make it big. We enjoyed the baptism of a family on Saturday afternoon. Lisa and her two sons, Richard and Seth Soriano, at 4:00 and then another family for the spanish ward at 6:00, Naud & Maria and their son Brandon Rodriguez. We sat by the sister missionaries who translated the spanish baptismal meeting for us. We were blessed with a fun surprize of sitting by President & Sister Searle at the first baptism when they popped in. The mission had a total of 20 baptisms this past Sat & Sun. I was pulled out of Sunday School and asked to help in the Young womens for the summer as many of their leaders will be gone for the summer. The English and Spanish youth combine for young womens, young mens and primary. It turns into a huge ward for those two hours. Each ward has their own Sac. Mtg and RS & Priesthood. Doug enjoyed a lively priesthood meeting with the High Priest group. He said most of the meeting was spent trying to determine what being valiant in the gospel is. Too many very educated men, everyone had a differing oppinion. This will be a fun experience.


No.....it's not doug's b-day. i just wanted to wish him happy father's day. love love love you babe!!!!!!!
dawson robin Ellett - our number 10 grandchild, brandon & malea's 4th child. He is just adorable and we had so much fun getting to know him last month. happy 1st b-day to you on the 21st.
abbie eddington, our youngest braxtin's sweet girlfriend. hope you have a wonderful 20th b-day today.

a big wish of happy father's day to all the fathers in our family. brandon-our oldest and father of 4, dusty our middle son and father of two, kevin our son-in-law and father of 4, to doug's dad, revon, and to my dad, dale, and to the most wonderful father of our 5 children and best husband ever, I love you all so much.

Golf - "does a body good"

"Golf anyone, come on I'll show you how it is done"
"Watch carefully, this is how you do it."
"Elder Fisher & Elder Leatham, looks good, remember to keep you elbows next to your body"
"Hey, she can hit the ball, way to go Beth."
Watch out for the spectators!

After moving on Monday, Wednessday we went back up to Monticello to clean the carpets and hand in the keys and retreve the air conditioner we left in the window. To our great surprise, the Elders who live in the building also had cleaned our carpets for us. So........we took them golfing at Loch Moor Golf Course that day as it was their P-day.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Moving days are Loooooooooooooooooong Days

Good-bye to our little place in Monticello on west Broadway. We have enjoyed this apartment. It was a real blessing. We definitely will miss the open space we had there along with an extra bedroom and balcony off our living room.
The moving crew in Monticello: back-elders Fisher, Eastohope & Aimes, front- elders Leatham, Iro, Scott. The elders came up early before district meeting to help us move. After district meeting we treated them all to lunch for their kind service. To our surprise the ZL were at distric meeting and we got to see them too. Will miss you guys, XOXO
The moving crew at the mission Home in Scarsdale. Our awesome AP's, elder Evans & Bishoff. We stopped by the mission home to pick up some furniture that has been collecting dust down in the basement, then off to Manhattan, our new place in the Inwood area at the northern end of Manhattan where we met up with that moving crew. It was pouring rain when we arrived and therefore, I didn't have the opportunity to take pictures, but we had 2 sisters and about 6 elders. Those from our new Inwood district. Thanks to all of you.

It was a real challenge moving up to the 3rd floor. Some of the stuff wouldn't fit in the elevator so it had to be taken up the stairs. Hind sight, I didn't get any pictures of the crowded apartment with hardly room to move in, it was so jam packed. Sister Ollerton and Sister Dame were so good and unpacked the kitchen for me. Thanks goodness for the buffness of the Elders getting the stuff up the stairs. All of the missionaries help was such a tender mercy along with a parking spot that became available right in front of the apartment The truck was driven up to the church parking lot about 41/2 blocks away. The tender mercy of a parking spot wasn't so tender when we woke up and found a ticket on the car, "alternate street parking" oops we forgot to get up and move the car before 8:00am.

Spent Tuesday organizing the new apartment. We had to get rid of an old couch and a couple of chairs and a night stand. Were told to put them in the back alley-way where the garbage goes. With in 20 minutes it was gone. A couple of people who live in the aparmtent building snatched it right up. Better them than the garbage truck.


Last Sunday in Monticello

Friday Night was our last Enrichment Activity with the RS sisters. We have all been crocheting squares and this night we put them all together. We are making a blanket for Lisa Rivera's aunt who is in a care center. Lisa wanted to know if we could give her aunt a blanket of love.
This will take another night of whip stitching them all together, We had fun visiting together.
President Murphy and his wife Becky, son Danny and daughter Kylie. We sure enjoyed serving with them. We will miss you.
Monticello Branch members. We have this many come on a typical day, about between 30-40.

Sunday was our last time at the Monticello Branch. Unless, Evelyn or Lisa get baptized before we head home. Both of them have asked Doug to baptize them. So so a prayer for both of them. Lisa just needs to stop smoking and Evelyn just needs that confirmation of the need for Jesus Christ in her life. We had the ( pleasure?) of speaking in Sacrament meeting, and then they had a "Linger Longer" with finger foods after church. We will miss everyone in this little branch. We have make wonderful friends who are like family and have had wonderful experiences. We made several stops after church to say good by's and then up to Livingston Manor to "mama burgos" for "authentic mexican tacos. YUM! We love you all.

Hppy B-day to my mom.

Happy b-day to my mom. Hope you had a great day on the 15th. Love you! XOXOXOXOX

Saturday, June 13, 2009

I love this bush!!

Don't you think this purple is so pretty. It is so vibrant against the green bushes. Beautiful!!!

h A p P y ***B i R t H d A y D*U*S*T*Y

This is a shout-out to our handsome son DUSTY. Happy Happy 26th B-day to you. We love you and are so proud of you, so blessed to have you as our son. Hope you have an awesome day!!! Love Love Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Friday, June 12, 2009

Transfer soon to Manhattan

The lease on our apartment here in Monticello ends the 30 of June. There is an apartment available in the north part of Manhattan due to a senior couple ending their mission last month. We will be moving there for the last three months of our mission. We have another CES couple coming the end of August and they will move into the apartment we will be in.

We are sad to see our time here in Monticello coming to a close. We have grown so close to the people here and will miss them terribly. We are also sad to leave the beauty of this place as well. It once again is a lush vibrant green. The temp is a little bit cooler than down in the city. That will definitely be missed. Having a parking place, a balcony out our back door, two bedrooms, and a quiet neighborhood secluded in the trees.

We will rent a budget truck to move our furniture, so that will again be a fun adventure down in the city with the big moving truck. Stay tuned for more updates.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Christal McCune - long awaited temple Day

We drove down to the very top of Manhattan for our temple trip, parked our car in the church parking garage there and then rode the subway down to the temple. While on the train, this group came and played for all of the passengers, while a member of their group walked around with a hat for the listeners to put money in it. Our good friend, Luis Maldanado rode down with us to do baptisms for the dead while we did a endowment session.

I must mention a tender mercy that happened while on the subway. We were running behind schedule on the train, it seemed to be going very slow. We were underground when the thought came to me to call the temple and let them know that we were coming and to watch for us as we needed to be on this session with Christal. You can't get service underground. Just as I found the phone number for the temple we popped up out of underground for about a 10 block length around 135th street. Just enough time to call the temple. They said they would watch for us. We made it with just 2 minutes to spare. We are grateful for the Lord's tender mercies.

Sister Loretta Thompson, Christal McCune and Annie Pyrum in front of the temple. This was Christal's first time at the temple. We taught her the temple prep lessons. She was so excited to finally go to the temple after 8 long years of wanting to. These three sisters with their families came to our family home evenings we did with the elders. We love them and will miss them.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Look what Doug found---

While Doug and KC were off bird hunting with his pellet gun they came across something lying on the ground. Doug at first thought it was a dead jack rabbit, "it looked dead cause it wasn't moving. After further inspection it started yelping and scarred KC half to death." It was a baby deer. It didn't move except to open it's eyes and squeal. Doug brought it back to camp so everyone could see it.
Easton and KC play for the "Yankees" little league team, that Brandon our oldest coaches. It was great fun watching a couple of their games.
Here's just two of the boys we watched play ball. The others were the big boys, Brandon, Dusty, Brax and Doug.

Happy 38th B-day Roxann

We had the pleasure of attending Roxann Burgos-Estrada's birthday party. She didn't know we were back in New York yet, so this was a fun surprise. The Maldanado's, the Banks, her family and us were there. It was fun to see everyone after being gone for a couple of weeks. They are all like family. Good food, good fun, good friends!!!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

We're back in NY

We arrived Monday at about 5:00 pm. Elder & Sister Evans picked us up, enjoyed dinner with them at a Mexican place in Bronxville, then spent the night at the mission home. Sounds like we will be transfered to the city. Doug does better breathing there. So far so good. We will spend the rest of the week in Monticello packing up and shipping some things home and moving others to an apartment in Inwood, the top part of Manhattan. The Gilstraps, a senior couple just left last week with no one to replace them until the end of August, soooo we will live in that apartment until then. We will definitely miss the country, and the beauty, but are up for the new adventure. We will be more centrally located as far as dealing with apartments. It's good to be back. We just felt like we needed to be here to finish up. Had a few apartment issues to deal with this morning, then went over to the Inwood apartment to check things out.