Monday, June 22, 2009

Senior couples fairwell party for the Searles

President & Sister Searle are my heroes. We have grown to love them like family. They are such wonderful examples of leadership, love, friendship, charity, fun, humility, disciples of Christ. We enjoyed a fun night and wonderful meal at President Sasines beautiful home in Cortland Manor, up state about 60 miles from the city.
I am totally listing every one for my benefit. Back left: Sister G, President Ron Sasine, Roma & Harold Farnsworth, Doug, Alan Forman, Truman Clawson, Lanny & Sherry Norris, President Bill & Jenifer Darger, Elder Dennis Evans & Mike Kigin. Front left: Karen Sasine, President Richard & Wynette Searle, Me, Becky Forman, Marilyn Clawson, Janet Evans, Judy Kigin. We have been so blessed to rub shoulder with the best of the best of the Lords servants. Many have gone home and we miss them, and we will go home soon too. But you all will remain a very treasured friend and we will hold you dear in our hearts.

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Jane Reed said...

Beth and Doug,
At the temple on Saturday, Bob and I saw our 1st Stake President from California. He told us that our first bishop after we joined the church was serving as a Mission President on the east coast.
In the office today at Distribution, I told Jerri what happened at the temple on Saturday with President Ohlweiler.
In a totally differenc conversation that followed, Jerri said she found your blog link on one of her friend's blogs and didn't even know you knew each other. I said, "What is the URL?" She guessed at it. I found it. AND, much to my surprise, Wynette and "Bishop" President Searle were there - he was our first bishop. Wynette and I were very close and they sheltered and protected us when we joined the church with all the opposition we had from our friends and family.
It's more than a small world, isn't it?
How are you? I have been thinking about you lately and just can't believe all this happened.
Love, Jane Reed