Friday, June 12, 2009

Transfer soon to Manhattan

The lease on our apartment here in Monticello ends the 30 of June. There is an apartment available in the north part of Manhattan due to a senior couple ending their mission last month. We will be moving there for the last three months of our mission. We have another CES couple coming the end of August and they will move into the apartment we will be in.

We are sad to see our time here in Monticello coming to a close. We have grown so close to the people here and will miss them terribly. We are also sad to leave the beauty of this place as well. It once again is a lush vibrant green. The temp is a little bit cooler than down in the city. That will definitely be missed. Having a parking place, a balcony out our back door, two bedrooms, and a quiet neighborhood secluded in the trees.

We will rent a budget truck to move our furniture, so that will again be a fun adventure down in the city with the big moving truck. Stay tuned for more updates.

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