Sunday, June 7, 2009

Christal McCune - long awaited temple Day

We drove down to the very top of Manhattan for our temple trip, parked our car in the church parking garage there and then rode the subway down to the temple. While on the train, this group came and played for all of the passengers, while a member of their group walked around with a hat for the listeners to put money in it. Our good friend, Luis Maldanado rode down with us to do baptisms for the dead while we did a endowment session.

I must mention a tender mercy that happened while on the subway. We were running behind schedule on the train, it seemed to be going very slow. We were underground when the thought came to me to call the temple and let them know that we were coming and to watch for us as we needed to be on this session with Christal. You can't get service underground. Just as I found the phone number for the temple we popped up out of underground for about a 10 block length around 135th street. Just enough time to call the temple. They said they would watch for us. We made it with just 2 minutes to spare. We are grateful for the Lord's tender mercies.

Sister Loretta Thompson, Christal McCune and Annie Pyrum in front of the temple. This was Christal's first time at the temple. We taught her the temple prep lessons. She was so excited to finally go to the temple after 8 long years of wanting to. These three sisters with their families came to our family home evenings we did with the elders. We love them and will miss them.

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The Murphy's said...

What a beautiful picture! If you have time email it to me so I can print it and put it on the bulletin board. Unles you already have.