Saturday, May 30, 2009

Time Flies

Time sure does fly when you're having fun. We have had so much fun with our family. I do feel bad because the battery died in the camera I had in my purse, (It actually goes everywhere with me) I forgot the charger for it in New York. So.....there is not a lot of evidence of the fun time we have had. It has been exactly 2 weeks since we arrived here, wholly cOw!!! We enjoyed pizza & popcicles at the cemetery as we decorated Clints grave, Spent the afternoon yesterday shopping with Brandee as Doug went golfing with the boys. Dinner with Doug's mom & dad, brother, sister and their spouses, little league baseball games, indoor adult soccer games, men's softball games, to the movie with all the kids, "night at the Museum #2", afternoons at the park across the street with the grandkids, camping on Cedar Mtn., Temple sealing of Garcia's, visit to sick ward members, doctor appointments, tests, etc, etc, etc. Too Much Fun!!!!!

Doug has been cleared to be able to return to New York. We are on the 7:50 am flight Monday morning and will arrive at 5:00 pm at JFK airport. We'll enjoy a big family dinner tomorrow after church, then pack to head back the next morning.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

h A p P y b I r T h D a Y TREY!!

Trey is our 9th grandchild, the 5th boy grandchild, our third child's, 2nd son. Now that's a mouthful. Trey was born while we were in the Bronx at the Bishop's storehouse, so he is one year old today!!!! He is Dusty's and Cari's little ball of fun. He has such a sweet temperament and always a smile on his face. Dusty and Cari brought their little boys out to New York at Christmas time to see us. It was a sweet treat!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It's A * S * T * H * M * A

After a week of tests and doctor appointments, Doug has been diagnosed with Asthma. Apparently something out east has triggered this adult onset of asthma. He was tested with 60 different environmental allergy pricks. Not allergic to any of them. His vocal cords and larynx look great, no problem there. He was prescribed Symbicort. This medication will help prevent any breathing problems. Won't know till we get in New York to know how well it will work. Soooo........we are hopeful to return ASAP to New York to finish out our mission.

It has been a wonderful treat to be home and spend time with Family, see friends, breathe the dry Dixie air and go for a ride on the Harley. But we are anxious to finish our mission and tie up loose ends, be able to say goodbye to all our dear friends in our mission. Three more months and we'll be baaaaaaaaaaaack.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day - Remembering-Smiling

We enjoyed Memorial day with our precious family. We missed our boy Clint, but our heart smiles as we talk of him and ponder on our memories of him. He is loved and missed so much. But we know he is happy and busy and often around us. Love you Bud!!!!
We spent the week end up in the mountains - Cedar Mtn at Mammoth Creek. Enjoyed church at Panguich Lake, enjoyed the cooler weather, a bit of rain, dutch oven cooking and loved ones. A bit of heaven, it was wonderful.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Up-date on Doug's condition.

Doug has been in to see two different doctors, had several test done. We are finding that he has a few things wrong that we didn't know. But I will post the final results when we know for sure what the diagnosis is and what he can do it about it.

Hav'in great time with our family

Breckon, Taylee and Brandon, hanging out just watching the other kids.
Maesi at her pre-school graduation.
Doug was thrilled to pick up his harley and go for a ride around the neighborhood.
Tryston, hey bud don't get wet.......Yeah Right! you should have seen him after the fun time.
Hey kids!!!! don't fall in the fountain.
Maesi, Allee and McKell, having too much fun playing in the water.
KC and Easton earned the "Radiant Roadrunner" award. They are in the same 1st grade class at school.

We are having a great time being with the fam. School ends this week so there has been lots of programs to see. Brandon coaches KC and Eastons little league baseball team, and plays on a indoor soccer team. Dusty and Brax play on a Men's softball team. Brandee and Malea go to a "Zumba" exercise class. It's been fun to go and watch all of the above. We are headed up to the mountains to get out of the heat for this holiday week end.

Friday, May 15, 2009

"Midnight transfer"

We are saying goodbye to New York for a few weeks. You can just barely see Manhattan along the horizon as we are flying just barely above the clouds.
I have always loved the way it looks as you come up above the clouds when in a plane. We sat in the plane on the tarmac for 2 hours waiting for a break in the weather.
What fun it was to see all our family at the airport in St. George when we arrived. Even though it was past all the grandkids bedtime, they were all here waiting for us. So excited to see the plane land.
We finally got to see little Dawson, the cute little blond in his mama's arms. Haven't seen him yet. He is number 10 grandchild.
What a fun surprise to have our best friends arrive to welcome us home too. We love you all and are so blessed.

We are on a medical leave of absence for a couple of weeks. We are not sure what the problem is, but Doug has not been able to breath very well for the past couple of weeks. We have been to lung doctor, talked with the Mission Medical Dr. McIff, visited an emergency room, and finally flew home to so Doug could get a full work up to see what the problems is. It could be the pollen or something blooming in the air. It is extremely bad this year. He hasn't had the typical symptoms of allergies. Just can't get his breath especially when he lays down. So he has been very sleep deprived also. We were not upstate in all the thick foliage last spring. Down in the City with all the concrete and bricks, so he had no problem then. What a scary thing not to be able to catch your breath or take a deep breath. He said it feels like you are breathing out of a straw all the time. We now know what it is like for the younger missionaries when ever they have a "Midnight transfer." Not time to say goodbye to any one. We were in the ER Friday night down in Scarsdale, got to the mission home at 4:00 am then was at the airport at 1:30 pm and in St. George by 10:30 pm, Saturday.

We will be here to see if we can figure out the problem and then hope to return to New York to finish out our mission. So much to do. Regardless of what happens, we will still go back to NYC to close down our apartment and will have to drive our car back home. This hot dry air is great for Doug's ability to breath. The difference is so amazing. We have seen our doctor here and will see an allergist and lung doctor here also. It's great to be home, but we are missing everyone in NY.


Welcome to the "Reflections of Christ" - SHOW - here at the New Rochelle chapel of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in New York. These youth helped us unload and get the show up and going in their chapel.
Let's see, where does this picture go?
The "Tool guy" has his bucket of tools so we can put the panels together
Hanging the pictures just right.
These pictures are amazing.
Just a few last minute details, and then were ready.

If you ever get the chance to go to the "Reflections of Christ"; by Mark Mabry; Exhibition, it is a must see. This is photagraphy art at it's finest.

We have been helping with the show here in New York City and surrounding areas. This is the 6th week & 6th chapel we have moved it to. One more week to go. It has been our pleasure to be apart of this assignment.

Last I heard, St. George will have a set of the pictures for show at the Temple Visitors Center.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Just couldn't resist posting this pic. The colors are so vibrant.
Hey, up there, what ya doing?
We are going to have some fun. I've got the diet Coke, let's see, now how does this go together?
Okay, put the Mentos in the tube and the string goes here......
We'll put it down here , now let's get out of the way...
Eeveryone out of the way, Okay Zeke, pull the string!
It did shoot up about 15 feet, just didn't get it on camera. Fun FHE experiment.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

g O l F i N g

Taking a little practice after District meeting on Monday. After renting clubs for the past year when golfing, Doug decided to break down and get him a set of clubs, Walmart special. They actually are a pretty good set for under a hundred bucks.
Eldrer Oikle, Scott, Soulia, Easthope, Shakespear, Fisher, Aimes, Speirs & Ellett. Give a boy a ball and some kind of club and they are happy campers for 20 minutes
President Searle and Doug ended up buying lunch for the elders after a fun game of golf at Mosholu Golf Course. Hummmm...I wonder if that means that they lost the bet?????
Elder Walker and Elder Bown.....well done guys!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day B A P T I S M - Elizabeth Roman

I had a beautiful Mother's Day. Spent it with my best friend & "helpmeet".
This is one happy camper. Elizabeth Roman has waited a very long time for this opportunity to be baptized. Elizabeth was a media referal. She watched church advertizement on the TV and called immediately for the DVD "Finding Faith in Christ". We were the ones given this referal and so we went and looked her up. This is while we were in the Bronx over a year and a half ago. After we were transfered, The Formans took over and would visit with her.
Elizabeth loved the message of the gospel and so wanted to be baptized. Because of past sins she needed clearance from the first presidency. Due to circumstances beyond anyones control with her health it took quite a while to have all the conditions just right for her to be baptized.
Elder Huckstep & Elder Schiller, the two Elders on the right, looked her up about 6 months ago. They found her in a different care center from where we last saw her. They re-taught her, had the bishop go visit her. President Searle interviewed her, paper work was sent in and.......the news finally came and President and Sister Searle shared it with her. She cried and was so extrememly grateful for the Atonement. She absolutely was glowing at her baptism. She had called Doug last week and asked him to baptize her. What a thrill. She had an all star line-up of missionaries thru this past year - 7 of us. So...Elizabeth was baptized Saturday night and confirmed on Mother's Day.

After coming up out of the water, Elizabeth just kept saying "YES!" she shared with me later..."I left the old me in the water and she went down the drain. I am a new person." We love you Elizabeth and feel so blessed to be apart of Your beautiful day.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mother's Day

"Motherhood is a Holy calling, a sacred mission for carrying out the Lord's plan, that of nurturing the body, mind, and spirit of each of those who kept their first estate. We all can rejoice in the sacred calling of Motherhood.

Mothers are sculptors, the molders, the co-creators of those who make a difference in the Lord's plan for man. By divine design, women are blessed with nurturing instincts; with faith, hope and charity; with the tenderness and the love that can best create an atmosphere of learning and growth of children. If taught and encouraged with unwavering example and precept, children-the most valued product of a nation, the most cherished possession of the human race-will become what they can become: faithful followers of the Lord Jesus Christ. They can grow into valiant leaders who will build and defend the kingdom of God on Earth.

The fate of each spirit in the eternities to come depends so much on the training it receives by those who honor motherhood and that sacred trust." (taken from "All kinds of Mothers" & "a Joyful Mother")

May the lord bless you Mothers for the sacrifice and love and continued quest to bless the lives of others. Much Love to you ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (A special love to the mommy's of my precious grandkids! xoxoxoxoxoooxoxoox)

Friday, May 8, 2009

Tip toe thru the TULIPS

Just had to share these beautiful Tulips with ya. These pictures are taken at the church grounds right next to the mission Home. I guess they are still beautiful because of the cooler wet weather we have been having. Don't have them in Monticello this beautiful. They are at the end of their season down in the CITY.

Fun time in Scarsdale

Cinco de Mayo
Searles, Evans, Farnsworth, and us.

We were down in the city fixing a few things in an apartment when we got a call and were invited to go to dinner with the couples in the office. Elder Evans picked this fun place called Blue Moon in Bronxville. Being the 5th of May there was a huge celebration as it was a Mexican resturaunt. Good food, fun and great company.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Allergy season

This is our first and only spring we have spent in Monticello. There is something that is blooming that has affected Doug terribly. He has had such a hard time breathing. Feels like he can't get his breath. We weren't really sure what was going on as he has never had allergies before. We even went to a pulmonologist and she thinks she has pinpointed it as allergies or the lining around his lungs is infected. Gave him some Singular and and anti-inflamitory, it seems to be working.

We have been down in the city for staff mtg, Dr. appt., cleaning out the apartment files in the mission office, fixing things in missionary apartments, Reflections of Christ transport-setup, a game of golf for the boys (Pres., Doug & the Ap's) and a fun shopping day for the girls,(me and Sister Searle). After arriving home in Monticello tonight at midnight, we had a great surprise waiting for us. Some one had cleaned our carpets and the whole apartment. Did our laundry, even our sheets and blankets. The bathroom and kitchen were spotless as is everything else. We are so blessed and so loved here in Monticello. I'll bet it was Luis Maldanado. He told Doug it was probably someting in the apartment that he was allergic to that was making it so difficult for him to breath, and was sure the dust in the carpet could be some of the problem. Bless your heart Luis. I don't know if any one has ever done this for us before, so thoroughly clean everywhere. I am not sure if I should be embarrased that he was so thorough or so grateful. Of course I am so grateful.

Dinner at "Mamaburgos" home

Sylvia Burgos-Roberts and her masterpiece, "Fruit tart". Almost too good to eat, mind you I said almost. We ate it and it was absolutely amazing. Yummy in my tummy!!!!
After the baptisms on Saturday, after witnessing the accident on my previous post, we went to O'tooles Harley shop in a little town called Wurtsboro just 15 miles east of us, with Erik, Sylvia and Mamaburgos. Then over to Livingston Manor, to Mama's home for dinner. At Otooles I'm sitting on a cute little bike that you can put a quarter in and go for a ride as it makes roaring noises. Erik and Sylvia have a Harley bike. They were like kids in a candy shop, Doug included.

More Baptisms in Monticello

We are excited to have Steve as our newest member of the church here in Monticello. He is a great guy and very excited about the church.
Steve's baptism was after church on Sunday. We had almost all the branch members stay and support him. I was asked to give the talk on Baptism and the Holy Ghost. Doug was sick today so he missed out on this wonderful event. We all enjoyed "break the fast - potluck afterwards.
Elder Shakspear & Elder Georges taught Brittney and Zack taught both Brittney and Zack Banks as well as Steve. Elder Georges has been transfered but came back for the baptisms. We miss you Elder Georges.
Ty' mom, Ty, Lisa, Elder Shakespear & Elder George, Zack & Brittney Banks.

Saturday we had two baptisms. Brittney and Zack Banks. Their father Ty was at one time the Branch President of the Monticello Branch. For some reason they fell into inactivity, they were lost and now the are found. They are such a wonderful asset to our little branch. When Brittney was 8 years old, (5 years ago), she was scheduled to get baptized in a river. (This was before this chapel was built and there wasn't a font) One of the Elders had warned her to "watch out for the alligators". That scarred her so bad that she would not get into the water. Therefore, she was never baptized until last week end. We had probably had about 20 people at the baptism and brunch afterwards.

T R A U M A.......................NOT!!!!!

Doug is taking care of little William. The little boy that was in the following accident. All William was concerned about was "where's my boots?"
The accident blocked both of the south bound lanes.

Here is Doug helping William put his boots on that were found. The picture below shows where the driver's son broke thru the wind shield so he could get to his dog. His mom was the driver and stayed suspended in the seat due to her seat belt holding her there. Doug was the only one there with his trusty pocket knife so he could cut her down from where the seatbelt had her strapped in place putting lots of pressure on her neck.
We were just driving down a long hill on the freeway minding our own business when all of a sudden we see this truck in front of us about 150 yards start swaying back and forth. The trailer must have really been loaded heavy as it started whipping the truck back and forth clear across both of our lanes. We watched the trailer go completely around and hit the front ot the truck causing it to tip over as it slammed into the concrete divider. We had to slam on our brakes to keep from running into it. I called 911 as Doug raced around the trailer to check out the people in the truck. Miraculously no one was hurt. The back of the truck was loaded with stuff that was strung all over the road. The firemen came and cut the wind shield with a glass saw so the driver could just crawl out.I was truly amazed that there was no other vehicles involved. Doug was sure hopeful to be able to use his skills, but no trauma today.