Thursday, May 28, 2009

h A p P y b I r T h D a Y TREY!!

Trey is our 9th grandchild, the 5th boy grandchild, our third child's, 2nd son. Now that's a mouthful. Trey was born while we were in the Bronx at the Bishop's storehouse, so he is one year old today!!!! He is Dusty's and Cari's little ball of fun. He has such a sweet temperament and always a smile on his face. Dusty and Cari brought their little boys out to New York at Christmas time to see us. It was a sweet treat!!!

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Hopie said...

HEY!!!! You have a blog? This is GREAT!!! Now I can keep up on your crazy life!!! I saw Ron the other day in Ivins, he didn't see me or I would have said hi! It's good to see that you know what's going on with Doug now. Have a safe trip back!!!