Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Allergy season

This is our first and only spring we have spent in Monticello. There is something that is blooming that has affected Doug terribly. He has had such a hard time breathing. Feels like he can't get his breath. We weren't really sure what was going on as he has never had allergies before. We even went to a pulmonologist and she thinks she has pinpointed it as allergies or the lining around his lungs is infected. Gave him some Singular and and anti-inflamitory, it seems to be working.

We have been down in the city for staff mtg, Dr. appt., cleaning out the apartment files in the mission office, fixing things in missionary apartments, Reflections of Christ transport-setup, a game of golf for the boys (Pres., Doug & the Ap's) and a fun shopping day for the girls,(me and Sister Searle). After arriving home in Monticello tonight at midnight, we had a great surprise waiting for us. Some one had cleaned our carpets and the whole apartment. Did our laundry, even our sheets and blankets. The bathroom and kitchen were spotless as is everything else. We are so blessed and so loved here in Monticello. I'll bet it was Luis Maldanado. He told Doug it was probably someting in the apartment that he was allergic to that was making it so difficult for him to breath, and was sure the dust in the carpet could be some of the problem. Bless your heart Luis. I don't know if any one has ever done this for us before, so thoroughly clean everywhere. I am not sure if I should be embarrased that he was so thorough or so grateful. Of course I am so grateful.

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