Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day B A P T I S M - Elizabeth Roman

I had a beautiful Mother's Day. Spent it with my best friend & "helpmeet".
This is one happy camper. Elizabeth Roman has waited a very long time for this opportunity to be baptized. Elizabeth was a media referal. She watched church advertizement on the TV and called immediately for the DVD "Finding Faith in Christ". We were the ones given this referal and so we went and looked her up. This is while we were in the Bronx over a year and a half ago. After we were transfered, The Formans took over and would visit with her.
Elizabeth loved the message of the gospel and so wanted to be baptized. Because of past sins she needed clearance from the first presidency. Due to circumstances beyond anyones control with her health it took quite a while to have all the conditions just right for her to be baptized.
Elder Huckstep & Elder Schiller, the two Elders on the right, looked her up about 6 months ago. They found her in a different care center from where we last saw her. They re-taught her, had the bishop go visit her. President Searle interviewed her, paper work was sent in and.......the news finally came and President and Sister Searle shared it with her. She cried and was so extrememly grateful for the Atonement. She absolutely was glowing at her baptism. She had called Doug last week and asked him to baptize her. What a thrill. She had an all star line-up of missionaries thru this past year - 7 of us. So...Elizabeth was baptized Saturday night and confirmed on Mother's Day.

After coming up out of the water, Elizabeth just kept saying "YES!" she shared with me later..."I left the old me in the water and she went down the drain. I am a new person." We love you Elizabeth and feel so blessed to be apart of Your beautiful day.

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