Sunday, July 3, 2011

Planting Trees

Elder & Sister Christensen have the job of yard care specialist for the Willie site. Last year many small tree twigs were planted to see if they would grow. Some budded this spring but many didn't make it. So they were replaced. They have a few sister missionaries helping with the yard care by the visitor center, this is their whole job while a missionary, except for telling pioneer stories out on the trail when the trekkers come, just like all of us. Our trailer and two other have a little grass out their door. Most just have gravel. We have a nice view out our door too, where others view is the trailer next to them. We had to move about a month ago because we needed 50 amp service, not 30 amp. Elder and sister Brown went home for shoulder surgery and we took their spot, just move their trailer to our old spot and we took their spot.

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