Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Getting back to "nOrMaL" What is that?

Every body asks, "how's it like being home?" First off, we haven't been home very much. We got home last Monday night. Spent Tuesday unpacking some of the boxes we shipped home and then drove to Hurricane, a little town about 20 miles north of us to look at more 5th wheel trailers. Malea, our daughter in-law, found a 5th toy hauler on line at Doug called on it and made a deal. Sooooooo, Wednessday, we headed to Hooper, up by Ogden, spent the night with my sister Mitzi and went over the next day, Thursday to get the toy hauler and the guy backed out on the deal, had really bad sellers remorse. Soooooo....We went back on line and found one two years newer and 5 feet shorter, but the kicker is that it is in Evanston Wyoming. Doug definitely is a happy camper. It was worth all the trouble because he loves his new tailer. We got home late Thursday and headed up to Cedar Mtn on Friday and stayed thru Labor Day and home that night. Yesterday, Tuesday was spent unpacking the rest of the stuff and putting our closet and bedroom together. So when asked how's it like being home? It's great the little bit we have been here. But I am not sure what normal is anymore. I don't want to be back the way we were before we left. I want to be a better person for the experiences we have had and enjoyed on our mission. I hope to be better and stay busy doing good for others and sharing the gospel thru service, example and opening my mouth.

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Clark Family said...

I saw your blog link on a friends blog and was so excited to see updates. I ran into Iona Syphus and asked when you were returning. I knew it was soon. Well welcome home! We think about you two all the time and reflect on what an amazing example and strength you were to us. I can only imagine what you did for those in the mission.