Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Snowy Boulder Mountain

The Ellett family reunion time has always been around the hunting season. We have gone every year since we have been married. The animal hunted might change, the set time in october might change, the mountain even might change, but there will always be Elletts gathering on the mountain during hunting season. This year Dusty and Cari and Tryston, us, Doug's parents, Jr. and Lorri and girls, Uncle Warrens whole family, Jerry and Tom and his family and friends were able to be there. It snowed on us and made it very wet. muddddy, and cold. Lots of elk up on this mountain but no visible spike in all the elk seen and heard. Doug was in heaven, he loves that mountain. Probably spent every year of his life hunting up there round about. I got a lot of scape booking done. We enjoyed going for a ride so we could listen to general conference both days. Doug spent great one on one time with his dad. Hopefully next year, more can gather and enjoy family-go for us, we surely will be thinking about you.

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