Friday, October 19, 2007

Happy Birthday to Tryston & Congrats!!

Happy Birthday to Tryston, you are now 2 years old. He holds up index fingers on both hands to show you how old he is. So cute Make sure you turn your head just right so you can see the pictures up-right - oops! not sure what happened this time, I tuned them when I copied them.
Little Mataylee's first family outing, she is three weeks old.
McKell is showing off her new cheer clinic shirt. She performs at half time at next Dixie game.
Out of now where Tryston appears with this shirt on advertising his new family news. Congrats you three, or should I say four. They are due June 3rd.

Tryston is 2 years old. Cari and Dusty had a B-day party over at the park for Tryston. All the family was there. Pizza was enjoyed, then a ward showed up that had reserved the park so we went over to the house and finished up with cake and Ice cream in the court-yard and opening presents. The big hit of course was Trystons new battery operated 4-wheeler, and a little motorized "BIKE", motorcycle with a guy on it that goes by it's self. The kids had a ball and the adults visited and caught up with the latest events.

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