Sunday, September 16, 2007

'Elan Cover Girl??????

We are now in a different "Season" of our life, all that we know is changing, thank Heaven for the blessed gift of memories, may we have the courage and desire to go forward and make new lasting memories.
This little blurb was inside the magazine telling about this new Season of change in our life.
I can't believe that I am posting this blog, but then again, when does one get asked to be on the cover of a magazine? Maybe once in a life time. What an honor to be asked to represent women in general. It was actually pretty fun at the photo shoot. The pictures were taken at Green Gate Village, the same place Brandon and Malea had their family wedding pictures taken. The Founder and Editor in chief of the Magazine, Darcy, lives just around the corner from me and is in my ward. She is a go getter and an amazing lady. This magazine is her newest project and I really enjoy it. It targets women over 40 and of course I am in that catagory, as it is my birthday today and I am really close to 1/2 century old. It has been fun having people recognize me and saying they saw me on the magazine. The crazy thing is that I hadn't even seen the magazine until I went to Mary's Vale the last couple of days. Katie had it sitting on the coffee table at the B&B. She gave me a copy. Cari sent me an email that was on the 'Elan website, and that was the first time I had seen the picture. I was pretty happy with it. Doug says he likes it and that means a lot.


brandee williams said...

You look Beautiful!! Happy Birthday Mom!!

Babe said...

Beth you are one HOT Mama!!!! - Cari