Friday, September 21, 2007

"Dress up" and playing "Bows and arrows"

Boy time!
Hunting continues as all the boys but Kevin are off on their way to Idaho bow hunting Elk. This will be the first time all the boys are together for the Idaho hunt. They do have their tags! They are like little kids at christmas. Dressing up, all decked out in their camo, got their toys and bikes to go play with other boys up in the woods. Hope you all have a extra-fun awesome time together. Hope Clint can come play with them. Lead them to the big "one".

Kevin is staying behind to welcome his new little girl to the world. He is still hopeful a boy will pop out and surprise everyone. Brandee finally has her date set for the 27th of September. She is ready, ready, ready. Of course she is still walking with me and actually ran up the stairs at the stadium today. You go girl

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brandee williams said...

Have fun boys!! Kevin is sad he doesn't get to go-mabey next time.