Sunday, December 2, 2007

Our first Sabbath in The Bronx

Our house is just beyond the house you see next to the church.

Today we woke to a beautiful white blanket of snow. We laid in bed and watched out our window at day-light as the snow was falling. It was quiet and serene as we laid there and enjoyed the moment. We enjoyed reading and studying during the morning as church wasn't until 1:00 pm. It was fast and testimony meeting during Sacrament meeting. The spirit was so strong. Many of the members don't have vehicles so they have to depend on the subway, taxi, or train. After the sacrament was passed many walked in late, due to transportation delays. It is wonderful to experience the testimonies of new converts who are so excited to share the gospel.

Keith Gripper, the new member who was baptized last night, was confirmed with the gift of the Holy Ghost. There were three new members who bore their testimonies. It was precious. Quite a melting pot. People from all over the world here in the Bronx. Many young couples in leadership positions. Five young couples going to medical school, many in leadership positions. We have 4 sets of young elder missionaries in our ward. They all were in the gospel essential class with the new members and investigators. Relief Society meeting was wonderful. The young women came in and joined us. The presidency was brand new, their second week was today. The cute young president gave the lesson about the importance of angels in our lives. And how we are angels, answers to others prayers and how we need to look for opportunities to serve and follow the promptings to do so.

After church on fast day they have pot-luck afterwards. This is so that they can socialize and visit and get to know each other, as many live so far away. We finally met Elder and Sister Shaffer who we are replacing. We love them. Sister Shaffer took us over to the "Pantry", the Bishop's store house, that is also where we will be living. It is just two house down from the church. It was bigger than we expected and as old as we expected. We are blessed to have such a fine home compared to the others in the ward. We were told that we will feel it is a palace after we experience living conditions of others.

We enjoyed the First Presidents Christmas devotional. Hope all of you are well and happy. We love you!!

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