Sunday, December 9, 2007

Olmstead ward Christmas Party

We had the great opportunity of going to the temple with a new member of the Ward, Doug Alcroft, to do baptisms for the dead. We accompanied two Elders; Elder Bedwell and Elder Donilov, Bro. Shaffer, and Doug on the subway with a transfer to a bus then to the temple. I think we can make it again to the temple by our selves. Elder Donilov, from Russia went to the temple for the first time after he arrived at the MTC in Provo. Today was his second time at a temple. He took turns baptizing and confirming and getting the same done to him. It was a wonderful experience. Elder Donilov is here on a mission due to the tender mercies of his ward who donate to the mission fund. He is the only member in his family and would never be able to go on a mission if it wasn't for the mission fund. He is so grateful.

President Searle has given us permission to serve in the temple one day a week. So we visited with the temple president, Pres. Frost and he was very excited to have us volunteer. He of course like so many others looks at us and says: "you don't look like seniors." They are in such need of help. We will be at the temple on Fridays, 10 - 4. We are thrilled with this opportunity.

We went to our ward Christmas party. It was a wonderful time. Such variety of food, which was very good. Brother Doug Alcroft was Santa. In the past the Bishop has been Santa, this was a great surprise for everyone. All the children were given a present. It was wonderful to watch the little ones get so excited. It definately helps with home sickness. The party was purposely scheduled for this day as it was a special going away good-bye for the Shaffers. Many tears were shared. They will be missed so much.

We are starting to LOVE New York.

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