Sunday, December 9, 2007

Great Concerns relieved!

Where to get a hair cut! We have found the place. It was recommended by the Shaffers. 15 miles away from where we will live, but worth the drive. We punched the address into the GPS and arrived to find the owner, an Italian gentlemen who put Doug right in his chair and started cutting before we could tell him what we wanted. Doug says it is the fastest hair cut he has ever had. The owner, we will learn his name and remember it the next time we go for a cut, has cut hair for 48 years. Doug didn't dare move for fear of an ear being taken off he went so fast. His neck was even shaved with a razor. We were impressed. The whole process took about 8 minutes. Anna, who will be able to weave and hi-lite my hair was not there. But, I am told she does an excellent job. Doug's hair cut was cheaper than in Utah. In the City it would be nothing for his cut to cost around $60.00.

How to get Doug's prescriptions filled. This is a huge concern put to rest. Sister Vellaros in our ward is a PA who works with all the missionaries. She is a great blessing. Doug sat down with her today to go over his history and she wrote out his prescriptions. The next concern: where to fill them. Not a fear, Rite-aid is close by our apartment. We even have a post office just around the corner. Hurrah! We truly are very blessed to be in the Bishop's Store house, it is very close to so many things.

We have also joined the 21st century. We have figured out how to pay our bills on line. Necessity is a great teacher.

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