Sunday, August 9, 2009

P-day adventure in the Hudson Valley, upstate New York

Franklin D. Roosevelt home at Springwood, where they spent the spring and fall. This is right on the Hudson River in Hyde Park.
Having a cool drink with Franklin & Elenore.

Vanderbilt Mansion. This is just the side of the house. Frederick and Louisa Vanderbilts fortune was never handed down to heirs as they never had any children. The government ended up with most of it. The house was left to Fredericks sister who donated it to the State of New York as a Historical land mark. Just before the turn of the century he was given $10 million dollars as his inheritance, he turned it into 70 million. The wealthiest family in America at the time.

We were up north exchanging out mission cars with Elders, filling Doug's prescription, and shopping at Sam's Club for medical kit supplies for the missionary apartments. Thought while we were up this far we might as well go on up to Kingston, an hour further north and check out the "Camper's Barn" and look at some travel trailers. We arrived there at 6:30 to see that they closed at 6:00. Decided to spend the night and go check it out in the morning. We also decided to drive down along the Hudson River and go see some of the huge mansions, historical sights. Didn't have time to do them all, but was able to see FDR Seasonal home and the Vanderbilt mansion.

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