Saturday, August 29, 2009

Day #9 - Finally we are in Arizona

It has been a long day. We have driven half way thru New Mexico and then half way on in to Arizona. The plan is to stay in Flagstaff tonight. We stopped in Gallup New Mexico, right on the Arizona boarder and ate at this fun little hotel/restuarant, the "El Rancho". It reminds me of the quaint little place in Kanab that all the Movie Stars have signed their pictures and they hang on the wall there at that restaurant. This little place was the same. Must have filmed several movies here as well. It served very good Mexican food. We are excited to be so close to home.

Doug is getting really excited as he called his dad and had him pick up his new truck at Newby Buick and take it to his house. Then he called Brandee & Kevin and asked them if they wanted to go on a road trip and meet us near Flagstaff and exchange vehicles. They would drive down Doug's new truck and then exchange with us and drive our car back home. Doug is determined to purchase a trailer and take it home with us. He needs his truck to haul back a trailer. As soon as we get home the plan for Labor Day weekend is to go camping with the whole family. Yahoo!!!! We will get to keep a couple of the kids with us. Now that is what I am excited about.
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