Saturday, April 25, 2009

n E w Y o R k c I t Y

The new Mets stadium is so awesome, hands down nicer than the new Yankee's stadium. This is the three story lobby into the stadium. It was beautiful
Can't go to a game with out looking like their biggest fan. No Brax is not betraying his and Dougs fav Braves team. Just had to dress for the event. Go Mets, they won!!
We enjoyed SHREK on Broadway. Loved it!!!!

Pizza break at Time Square on Broadway
Brax & Abbie just decided to hold up the Empire State Building while on "Top of the Rock".

Look who we saw in NYC!
Top of the Rock with Central Park behind us
Everyone needs a subway experience while in NYC
We had a fun filled day with the kids. We shopped at Howard Square by Madison Square Garden. We ate pizza in the middle of Time Square on Broadway (literally) Grabbed tickets for a show. Rode the subway to Rockafeller Center and rode to the "Top of the Rock", ate at a typical European Deli, then off to see "Shrek". Our tootsies are sore tonight.

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