Thursday, April 2, 2009

Moving Days - one long day

We traveled to Kingston, the Northern most "Nethermost" part of the vineyard and moved Elder Harnish and Elder Tanner to a new apartment to share with Elder Reynolds and Elder McGill, a new apartment for them too in Highland NY.
Now this is not a typical missionary kitchen, and the Elders are so excited, Elder Harnish says it like staying at a motel. Especially after you take a look at the next picture.

Doug is so happy driving the mission truck and van around moving missionaries. Now watch, he will show you and them how to tie everything down.
Yes, we have some happy campers as they leave the old behind and experience the "New".
The moving crew who helped us move the sisters to a new smaller apartment for them in their focus area next to the chapel. "You Elders are awesome!!!!!"
Doug is installing blinds, a minor detail that is essential for the sisters new apartment.
How would you like to look out your living room window to see this? ....but the sisters are so excited. Sister Flores & Sister Dame putting their new kitchen together.

Our most favorite part of our mission is associating with the Missionaries. We love love love them and are so happy to help them. They are so awesome and we admire, respect, pray and love them. We also like to make them happy. Some of the elders who helped move the sisters are moving them selves into the apartment the sisters left behind. A bigger and much nicer place for the 6 of them. Their old apartment will be stripped down and refurbished. For all of those moms out there, this is really an exciting day, that apartment was pretty scary. And yeah! we are saving the mission money.

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