Sunday, August 19, 2007

We love Camping with family

Kevin, Brandee & baby girl, Doug, KC, Dusty, Easton, Brandon, all camo'd out and ready to hunt. Our little Brecky Poooo can't wait till he can go.

Yesterday was the opening of the Archery deer hunt. We are hunting fools. The whole family gathered up on Cedar Mountain for camiping and hunting. We have lots of hunters and lots of wanna bee hunters. Maesi and McKell were sooooo sad that they had to stay in camp last night instead of going with the hunters. Of course they wanted to go, the hunters took off on the wheelers. Doug's parents even came and spent the night with us. Brax and Abbie drove up for the day too. The mountain is beautiful and the temp. was in the 50's - 60's. No phone service, no internet, no satalite tv. We were in heaven. NO deer as of yet to brag about. Every body is pretty picky because they are all "dedicated hunters". You have to be a hunter to know the meaning of that term. The hunting season is now officially underway. For most of us it goes on till November or later. This time of year will be so hard for Doug when on our mission. This is what he looks forward to all year.

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Bagiera said...

Cute!! I'm excited for copies of those!