Tuesday, August 14, 2007

New Temple Assignment

Tomorrow we will be embarking on another new adventure. We have been set apart to be ordinance workers in the Temple. We will serve on Wednesday and Thursday mornings. We were at the temple cafeteria today and ran into many people who congratulated us on our mission call. Man does word travel fast. I can't believe how many people know about it. We are so excited. Doug talked to the mission president yesterday to find out some information and to ask exactly what kind of mission we are going on. President Searle told him that he had something great instore for us but wouldn't tell him. He said the church would be back in touch with us later and let us know what is instore for us. Of course he said we were going to the best mission in the world.
Any body have any ideas about what kind of mission we will be serving?


brandee williams said...

Thats interesting that he's got something in store for you, but wont tell you what it is yet. Sounds Exciting!!

The Kid said...

My bets are its more than just a proselyting mission. My guess would be something similar to Lavell Edwards. Smart guy- the anticipation will eat you alive!