Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Eternal Matters of the heart

Saturday we spent the afternoon in Manti at the temple with my sister Mitzi's daughter Jayme and her fiance', Brett. Brett proposed to Jayme at the Pageant in Manti in June and so she wanted to receive her endowment in the Manti Temple. the 25th of August was the day. It was a beautiful day. Doug and I were asked to be the witness couple. It is a truly beautiful awe inspiring temple. It amazes me how the pioneers built such beautiful edifices to the Lord in their poverty. How blessed we are to have sacred places on earth to have sacred ordinances performed that tie families together for ever. This is the beginning for Jayme. She will be sealed to Brett in the Bountiful temple on September 8th. A perfect day for the family to all gather and witness her wedding. Congratulations Jayme and Brett!!!

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