Saturday, May 7, 2011

Tme at the Welcome Center

This is our Welcome Center at Sixth Crossing. It was an old farm home. We all have an opportunity to be trained here and then take our turns manning the place for visitors. It was our day last Thursday, but I was there alone as Doug was needed up on the new Site early that morning for the pouring of the pad, the basement floor.

Doug spent the whole day at the site the day before helping with the preliminary plumbing. Most days they are done by 4:00 pm, but not today, they didn't get done until 8:00 pm.
He has enjoyed work along side of other Elders and getting to know them.

As I was working at the Welcome Center right out the front window I could watch the Cement trucks arriving with Cement. I thing it took about 4 trucks to have enough cement for the floor
We had trail training the afternoon after the floor was poured so it could cure and then went by the site to see the finished floor that late afternoon. The new Site sits up on a hill and overlooks the sweetwater valley. It will be a beautiful three story log building.

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