Sunday, November 25, 2007


The famous picture spot at the MTC in front of the world map. New York here we come!!
This couple is the Davis's. They are the best friends to the couple we are replacing, the Shaffers, from Bountiful. We both drove into the parking lot together and were told to find each other. The Shaffers told each of us about the other. We spent a lot of time with them and learned to love them. They are going to England on their two year mission.This is our district. There was another couple going to San Francisco that were two weeks delayed and didn't show up. Elder and Sister Dale are the ones sitting with me. They are going to Rapid City South Dakota to the Indian reservations. The couple standing with Doug are the Huntingtons, they are going to South Carolina. Doug had the opportunity to give Elder Huntington a blessing of healing along with Elder Dale. The young RM is Brother Dustin Graham one of our teachers. He was awesome.
We took many pictures of Senior missionaries that were in our dorms. The end couple is the Shumways, they are going to Australia to teach literacy. Doug and Elder Shumway hit it off really well, both are avid hunters. The couple in the middle are the Wrights going to Alaska.

The MTC was the most awesome experience. We wish we could bottle the time there and sip on it a little every day. We made some wonderful friends, probably gained 4 pounds each, no Doug really enjoyed the ice cream and deserts, he probably gained 6 pounds. We enjoyed the strong spirit with every meeting we had. The young return missionaries are awesome teachers. I hope to be just like them. Elder Russell M. Nelson and his new wife Wendy were our Tuesday devotional speakers. The "Senior" Missionaries are spoiled, we get reserved front row seating at all Devotionals, and firesides. We will always remember our time at the MTC with cherished longing memories.

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