Sunday, June 12, 2011

Trekking Season is upon us.

Our first big group was the Cody Wyoming Stake. They had about 320 kids. The river crossing was an awesome experience. They had appointed about 15 young men to either carry or push the handcarts loaded with kids on them thru the water.
You can't tell from this picture but this isn't even the river. The water is so high that it has swelled out over the banks. They had to cross this bit of water to get to the bridge. And then after they crossed the bridge they had to go thru the water to get on dry land again.
Doug and I was assigned the "Men's Call-out" and the "Women's Pull." Here the boys are told to leave the hand carts and follow Doug up the hill. Once on the hill he talks to the boys and men about the sacred privilege it is to hold the Priesthood of God. He also share with them the important roll priesthood holders have to honor and respect womenhood. They then line the trail and watch and ponder what it is like to watch these sisters pull the handcarts on their own up the hill.
While the guys are walking up the hill, I then have the opportunity to share with the young women and sisters the important roll they play. Sometimes we are faced to pull our handcarts alone. Sometimes we need to consider what is in our handcarts and are they worth they weight we are carrying around. Are there things we need to let go of, prioritize our lives. What really matters. We can do hard things and we also need to reach out and help others when they are pulling alone. As the guys are walking away, I have them turn and watch as they do, and then ask them how it makes them feel to see the priesthood walk away. What would they do if they didn't have the priesthood in their lives and what are they doing to help the young men they know to honor and cherish the priesthood they hold. If the young men are honoring their priesthood, they will be able to bless the sisters lives. It is a wonderful experience.

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