Monday, April 5, 2010

What I learned from General Conference

1. Seek Heavens help when speaking or giving a talk
2. The priesthood will lose it's Power if the sisters are neglected
3. With personal revelation we can navigate thru all of life.
4. Duty does not require perfection
5. The true source of Hope is Faith in Jesus Christ.
6. Parents and Children - listen to and learn from each other in the home.
7. Heavenly Father has sent us directions and rescuers along the path of life.
8. We must be Rescuers.
9. It is our sacred duty to do our very best.
10. Study the scriptures carefully and deliberately.
11. We are so blessed to have the sacred text of conference talks, for they are modern scrpitures
12. Faithful obedience, regardless of how difficult, brings blessings. Partial obedience brings no blessings.
13. Are we anxiously engaged in helping our children learn to ask, seek and knock?
14. "lust" is the most deadly sin, it defiles the relationships of true love.
15. Every person we meet is a"V.I.P." to Heavenly Father.
16. "Canned fruit Mormons"
17. Seek others happiness
18. Never let an earthly act disable you spiritually.
19. Seek the face of the Savior
20. The symbol of Christ is found in the way we live our lives.
21. If we are going to be blessed by the Holy Ghost, we must slow down.
22. If there is a design for all mankind, there must be a designer.
23. The darkness of death can always be repelled by the light of truth.
24. We have a natural yearning to be with our ancestors.
25. Do our children know what we know, bare our testimonies.
26. We must always go back for our stray loved ones.
27. We need to recognize the good that comes from each experience.
28. Worldly judgement should not be used in spiritual decisions.
29. Replace fear with faith.
30. "Tell me the stories of Jesus that I long to hear."
31. We cannot be casual in rearing and teaching the rising generation.
in our home.

President Monson: "It has been good for us to be here today." "Study & ponder then apply the teachings of this conference." "My heart is full, my feelings tender, Thank you for your prayers."

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Hopie said...

What a great General Conference. Not that we expected less, right? :)