Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Celebration FUN in no particular order

We were amongst the sea of people headed towards time square after the fireworks
New York's finest were near the river for the fireworks.
We enjoyed a great dinner at Hard Rock cafe, but the music was so loud it was hard to enjoy visiting.
Time Square on the 4th of July.
Look really close and you will see the "Macy's name on one of the 6 barges carrying around 8,000 fireworks for the 4th of july show to be shot off the barge in the Hudson River.
Next to us on pier 83 is the "Intrepid" carrier ship museum. See all the people on the dock.
The weather was perfect for a night at the Pier to watch the fireworks.
Here is one of the 4 barges we saw spraying red, white and blue water as it went up the river prior to the fireworks.

We enjoyed a fun evening with the Evans, Norris' & Farnsworths. We subwayed down to Time Square, ate at Hard Rock Cafe and then followed the crowd down 42nd street to the Hudson river and were able to walk thru the baracades because we had tickets to watch the fireworks on the pier. There were hundreds of thousands in the area for the fireworks show. It lasted just over a half hour, there were 5 Macy's barges in the water lighting off 40,000 fireworks. It was an awesome show. The crowds were unreal after the show as the river of people headed back towards Time Square. Streets were just covered with a sea of people.
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