Wednesday, March 18, 2009

mOrE bUsy-nEsS

While in Sam's Club picking up supplies, we almost ran over these potential shoppers just waddling in the parking lot. By the way......HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY!!!!

Monday is staff meeting. So we try to arrange our schedule down in the city around being there for that meeting. We stay at the Mission Home on Mondays. We always enjoy rubbing shoulders with the amazing couples we have the opportunity to know and serve with. The AP's are awesome, we are so impressed with all of them we have served under. We met with them, Elder Bown & Elder Darger along with Pres. Searle after staff meeting to discuss apartments. Which ones we need to keep, get rid of, take care of, find etc. We spent our time this week in the Bronx and Harlem in north Manhattan. While in "Da Bronx", we witnessed a "cat fight". Two girls only about 12 years old, right in the middle of an intersection. Didn't take the cops too long to respond. It was pretty intense there for a few minutes.

Tender mercy: We were just going to buzz the Elders who live on 126th St in Harlem, when a car pulled over and a young man jumped out and came over to us and said he just wanted to say hi and shake our hand. He is a member, I reached over to shake his hand and was telling him thanks for taking the time to say hello, saw our name tags, when he told us his name and the name of the gentleman he was in the car with, Doug Peterson, it rang a bell. We had worked with him about a year ago when we were finding apartments down in Manhattan. We were in need of a realtor for Harlem/Inwood area and the Bronx. That afternoon we looked at a 4 bedroom place in the Bronx. It is in the basement of a huge building, not sure if it will work. It can house 8 elders, but it only had one bathroom. Still looking......

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